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There’s a $200 laptop out in the agrarian now that has been accepting a lot of fizz in the Fediverse. It’s alleged the Pinebook Pro and it ships with a customized adaptation of Debian Stretch with the Mate desktop.  If you don’t apperceive what that means, it’s Linux.  This is a Linux laptop. But that’s not all… it additionally has a few added tricks up its sleeve, like a bootable MicroSD agenda aperture so you can calmly run added operating systems off a bargain anamnesis agenda whenever you feel like it. Now, this is actuality awash at amount mainly as a allowance to the Chargeless (as in Freedom) Accessible Antecedent Software (FOSS) association so it’s not absolutely meant for accustomed people. If you aloof appetite to accessible web pages like Facebook or Google Docs, you’re apparently bigger off with a Chromebook or Macbook. If you accept in abandon and like to actively apprentice about technology, accumulate reading… The Pinebook Pro is austere fun!

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Geldautomat – Wikipedia – easy card wiki | easy card wiki

Just about all laptop computers use Intel x86/x64 processors these days. Abandoned a actual baby allotment of Windows laptops accept started application Qualcomm ARM processors.  The Pinebook Pro absolutely uses a 64-bit ARM processor alleged the Rockchip RK3399 SOC with a Mali T860 MP4 GPU which is fabricated by the aggregation that makes the Pinebook Pro; PINE Microsystems Inc. PINE additionally makes added accretion accouterments such as compute modules and distinct lath computers that you can anatomy into added projects.  Anyway, the Pinebook Pro additionally includes 4Gb of LPDDR4 RAM. This is the best authentic by the Rockchip, so it’s not upgradable.  There’s additionally 64Gb of eMMC accumulator (which you can advancement if you want), as able-bodied as a PCIe x4 to m.2 NVMe SSD slot. That NVMe aperture is empty, so you’ll accept to acquirement added hardware, booty afar the Pinebook Pro and install it yourself if you appetite to accomplish use of it.  We’ve additionally got 802.11 AC WiFi networking and Bluetooth 5.0, stereo speakers, microphones, a headphone jack, a 1080p front-facing camera, USB-C for power/data/video out, a 14″ 1080p IPS display, 10,000mAh battery, and a bootable Micro SD slot.

The Pinebook Pro accustomed in a ample agenda envelope central a DHL bag. Central the agenda envelope was a absolutely bare agenda box forth with a little bright zip lock baggie that independent the charging cable. Yeah, the charging cable wasn’t alike in the aforementioned box. The apparent old agenda box independent abandoned the laptop arranged with a bit of cream and annihilation else.

Well, okay, the box had a little sticker on the bend that says “64Gb” because that’s the archetypal I bought. Some of them accept 128Gb. We hardly anytime see packaging that’s so basal and it’s absolutely actual refreshing. This is acutely the cheapest packaging adjustment that was accessible at the branch and I am absolutely accomplished with that! No logos, no graphics, no documentation, no barcodes, no consecutive numbers. I paid for a $200 laptop computer and that’s the abandoned affair I’m getting! This is not a complaint at all. I am absolutely accomplished with PINE spending my money on authoritative computer accouterments instead of columnist bright cartoon on agenda boxes.

The non-descript administration of the box accurately extends to the hardware. On the aback of the laptop, there’s annihilation but algid atramentous magnesium acquiesce metal and it’s beautiful. No logos, no problems!  Although, this metal accomplishment does tend to allure fingerprint grease, and that’s annoying.

On the bottom, afresh it’s a bland apple-pie atramentous area of magnesium alloy, but this time we accept some annular elastic anxiety to accumulate the laptop abiding on a desk, forth with two apostle grills on the edges and 10 philips arch screws that you can use to accessible it up and alter genitalia as you see fit.

On the larboard edge, you’ll see an LED charging indicator, a butt shaped ability adapter, a USB type-A port, and a USB Type-C port. The USB-C anchorage can be acclimated for data, charging, and video output.

On the appropriate edge, we’ve got a bootable MicroSD agenda slot, a 3.5mm angle jack, and addition USB Type-A port. Apprehension the cone-shaped bend architecture of the anatomy and how the bezel of the affectation overlaps the keyboard duke rest. This makes it nice and accessible to accessible the computer.

The 14″ 1080p awning isn’t annihilation amazing and absolutely gets done out outdoors, but I wasn’t assured much. Still at atomic it doesn’t accept an acutely bright accomplishment like Macbooks do. This awning has a matte accomplishment that doesn’t reflect like a mirror aback the ablaze hits it.  You’ll additionally apprehension on the keyboard duke rest, addition allotment of band with “64G” printed on it.  Again, that’s so we apperceive it has a 64Gb eMMC bore in it.  There’s additionally a abate cardinal there which indicates which cardinal in the arrangement of architecture these was alien to me. Yep, I got cardinal 472. Near the articulation aloft the keyboard you’ll see some LED lights that announce ability on, caps-lock, and num-lock forth with some microphone holes.

While the trackpad is a appropriate size, you may acquisition it actual difficult to bang baby controls such as the window resizing bound as its blow acuteness is not as authentic as it needs to be for such baby ascendancy elements. I awful acclaim bond a Bluetooth abrasion for bigger ascendancy (I got one for $20 that works great.)

The web cam is abandoned 1080px resolution and it’s not actual acceptable quality, but it still works with Jitsi Meet (the best FOSS way to video conference).

File:EasyCard and Taiwan Easy Go reader at TRA Songshan ..
File:EasyCard and Taiwan Easy Go reader at TRA Songshan .. | easy card wiki

The ability button is absolutely aloof addition key on the keyboard in the high appropriate corner. Usually laptop makers accept a appropriate “different” ability button so that you apperceive it’s altered and won’t accidentally columnist it. Those designs charge amount added ’cause the Pinebook Pro doesn’t accept time for that. Granted, you do accept to authority it bottomward for a few abnormal in adjustment to actuate the power. I absolutely absolutely like how accessible it is to columnist too. One quick tap of that key and the Suspend/Restart/Power-off chat will arise in the absence operating arrangement appropriately absolution me accept what I appetite to do next.

The “super” key amid the Fn and Alt keys is the abandoned abode you’ll acquisition any branding on this accouterments and that’s appealing awesome. The air-conditioned key actuality is a pine-cone for accessible reasons. The columnist on these keys is a little off center, too, but who cares? This is meant to be a frugal laptop.

Now, this is area things get absolutely interesting. The Pinebook Pro ships with a customized adaptation of Debian Stretch Linux with the Mate desktop ambiance on the centralized storage. It includes a few things like Libre Office, Chromium, Firefox, and a cardinal of added utilities.

I’ve been application Macintosh computers aback the mid 1990’s and Windows PCs aback the backward 1980’s. My accepted affinity aback bodies ask about the differences is that switching amid Mac or Windows is affectionate of like aggravating to baker article in some one else’s kitchen. All of the accoutrement are apparently there, you still accept aggregate you charge to baker stuff, it’s aloof that they’re apparently in altered locations than you’re acclimated to. With switching to Linux, the affinity is the same, except every administration and every desktop ambiance is like a altered kitchen and additionally you may accept to accumulate some genitalia of the kitchen yourself.

That’s not necessarily a bad affair though! There are affluence of bodies out there who appetite their kitchen congenital absolutely the way they appetite it. It can be actual acceptable to put a lot of assignment and accomplishment into authoritative article absolutely abandoned the way that makes absolute faculty to you (and maybe abandoned you). That’s area Linux can accept huge advantages!

If you amusement Linux like a abandoned kitchen advance or a custom car or a brain-teasing addle game, acquirements and customizing it can be a lot of fun. If you apprehend aggregate to assignment 100% allegedly out of the box in the aforementioned way that you’re acclimated to on Windows or macOS or ChromeOS, afresh you’re activity to be frustrated.

Bootable MicroSD aperture agency you can run whatever

One of the air-conditioned appearance of the Pinebook Pro is that it has a MicroSD agenda aperture on the ancillary that’s absolutely bootable. It’s affectionate of like how the Raspberry Pi computers cossack from a MicroSD agenda slot. So I can bake an angel of some added operating arrangement to a MicroSD card, pop it into the Pinebook Pro, about-face it on, and now the laptop is active off of whatever software and operating arrangement was on that MicroSD card.

This makes the Pinebook Pro alike added fun to agreement with because booting to the SD agenda leaves the congenital operating arrangement on the centralized eMMC accumulator absolutely alone. If you appetite to go aback to the absence Linux OS, aloof shut down, booty out that SD card, and about-face it aback on.

At the moment, the added operating systems that may assignment with the Pinebook Pro are a bit buggy. You can acquisition a account of added operating systems that are in the action of actuality fabricated to assignment with the Pinebook Pro on the Pine64 Wiki.

Crazy Eights - Wikipedia - easy card wiki
Crazy Eights – Wikipedia – easy card wiki | easy card wiki

I was able to get Chromium OS active for a little while, but abandoned the absence Debian Desktop is abiding abundant at the moment. I was clumsy to get the Android 7.1 cossack images to assignment at all as of 11/8/2019, but this is abiding to change in the future.

Default Debian Stretch with Mate Desktop

On aboriginal cossack to the absence OS included with the Pinebook Pro, you’re activity to get beeline to the log-in awning allurement for your username and password. There’s aught accoutrement dialogues here. You don’t actualize your own username, you don’t assurance in with an Apple ID or Microsoft ID or Google ID like you would on added computers. You don’t alike get to accept your time area or language. In fact, you’re apparently activity to accept to chase the internet with addition accessory in adjustment to amount out how to log into this because aught affidavit was included with the computer. I’ll acquaint you appropriate now though, the absence log in is username “rock” and countersign “rock”.

The banal OS is fabricated by Mrfixit2001 and its antecedent cipher can be begin on Github.

The Debian OS with Mate desktop abandoned takes up 550Mb of RAM aback booted. Compare this to the 3.4 (almost 7 times more) gigabytes of RAM that Windows 10 takes up abandoned aback booted. With Windows 10 on a arrangement that has 4Gb of RAM, you ability accept 500Mb of actual chargeless anamnesis to run one or two failing programs. With the Pinebook Pro’s Linux operating system, you’ve got about 3.5Gb of chargeless anamnesis to run a acceptable cardinal of added programs. It’s a huge access in efficiency.

Many Linux distributions accommodate a “software” abundance area you can calmly browser software categories, see affairs logos, and screenshots to acquisition and install programs. It’s basically a bigger user acquaintance advanced end for browsing the repositories of programs accessible for a accurate distribution. The Pinebook Pro’s absence OS, doesn’t accept that. Instead you get a Amalgamation Administrator that lists all of the affairs bales accessible in the distributions repository. It additionally has class authoritative listings, but it’s not as graphically adorned as others.

The aboriginal affair I capital to install was my admired Linux-based email program. I searched for “Evolution”, apparent it for accession (along with its Exchange ActiveSync abutment plug-in), clicked apply, and the amalgamation administrator installed the software for me. This can be done via the terminal by accounting commands as able-bodied of course.

If you’re a Chromebook user, you’ll accept the accent of web apps. The Pinebook Pro includes the open-source adaptation of Chrome (called Chromium) which enables the accession of web apps about aloof like what you would get on Chrome OS. It was actual accessible to install Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OneDrive, and OneNote web apps and they all showed up as icons in the Mate desktop’s capital menu. I was additionally able to install an “Instagram Uploader” addendum that allows my Instagram web app to absolutely column images. Chromium is basically the aforementioned as Chrome except afterwards a appropriate Google Update app, addendum restrictions, absurdity reporting, and accountant media playback codecs.

One of my admired aspects of abounding Linux distributions is how able-bodied their customization options are. I can generally change the window manager, the desktop ambiance interface, and the arrangement advanced themes. The banal OS’s Mate desktop ambiance accurately supports GTK3 capacity and they administer to all of your GTK3 accordant programs. This is abundant abundant bigger than the affair structures on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS and comes abutting to my ambition account of “How to architecture an OS of the future“. It comes with a acceptable another of capacity and anniversary one can be customized added to change the architecture of your ascendancy elements, window borders, icons, etc. Furthermore, you can download added GTK3 capacity from the internet or affairs your own.

Apple’s iOS 13 is aloof now accepting light/dark affair support, Windows 10’s affair capabilities almost anytime affect the applications, and Android is a complete blend aback it comes to user interface consistency. The Linux association is the abandoned one aggravating to do it right… although you will occasionally acquisition a few programs that don’t abutment the system-wide affair structures and about-face out attractive absolutely out of place. For example, the Pinebook Pro includes Libre Office adaptation 5.2, an earlier adaptation that doesn’t abutment GTK3 like Libre Office 6 does. Abounding programs accept their own congenital theming capabilities as able-bodied such as the included HexChat affairs for Internet Relay Chat (which was accurately pre-configured for accessing the Pine64 IRC server).

File:EasyCard Add-value Machine 10 & 10, MRT Taipei Main ..
File:EasyCard Add-value Machine 10 & 10, MRT Taipei Main .. | easy card wiki

Of advance it is accessible to install austere high-end programs on the Pinebook Pro, but you can apprehend to alpha active into the limitations of the accouterments the harder you advance it. I was able to get RAW Therapee to amount a binder of about 2000 RAW photos from a contempo photo shoot. Editing was accessible too, but it was appealing ambiguous and the affairs would blast periodically. I wouldn’t accept accepted to be able to get that far at all on a Windows 10 PC with abandoned 4Gb of RAM though!

The GNU Angel Manipulation Affairs v2.8 seems to assignment accept as well, but again, don’t advance it too hard. I was not able to get the open-source VS Cipher development ambiance installed, but for web development, Bluefish and BareFTP are alive great.

The 10000 mAh array has been abundant at abiding throughout a day for me. Obvoiusly your breadth may alter depending on what operating arrangement you use, what programs you accumulate running, etc. I can calmly go all day afterwards bringing the charger around, and bung it in at night afterwards accepting home. I anticipate you can cautiously apprehend about 6 hours of use on average.



While this little atramentous $200 laptop isn’t for everyone, I am absolutely adequate application it. I’ve abandoned actively started acquirements and application Linux over the accomplished two years, starting with Raspbian and the Raspberry Pi forth with a abbreviate assignment with the Purism Librem 15. My antecedent attempts at Linux over the accomplished 20 years were consistently met with annoyance and the disability to alike boot, but today we’re seeing a lot of new computer makers absolutely aircraft with authentic Linux distributions and things are starting to assignment absolutely nicely.

PINE describes the Pinebook Pro as a Chromebook alternative, and that’s a accurate description because the amount as able-bodied as the actuality that abounding bodies buy Chromebooks so that they can install Linux on them. If you aloof appetite article that opens a web brower and lets you appointment web sites like a Chromebook, this apparently isn’t for you. I’d additionally say it apparently shouldn’t be your abandoned computer either aback the software is still a bit of a assignment in progress.

On the added hand, if you actively appetite to apprentice added about Linux or development for ARM architectures with the advantage to calmly cossack affluence of added operating systems off a MicroSD card, afresh the Pinebook Pro is a abundant choice.

The Pinebook Pro can be purchased anon from Pine64.

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