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Vintage border invitation card design – border invitation card
Vintage border invitation card design – border invitation card

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TYLER SCHEUER knows what catechism is coming. He’s so certain, in fact, he got business cards printed up with the answer, so he can artlessly duke you a agenda for your assay rather than change the accomplished story, but there are consistently aftereffect questions, and he ends up cogent the adventure afresh anyway.

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Scheuer is a 25-year-old ambitious gym abecedary from burghal Philadelphia now active in Florida. He looks like appealing abundant every added 25-year-old guy, dressed calmly in basketball shorts and a T-shirt with abbreviate amber beard that frames a face defective annihilation abutting to a appropriate feature. There is no Jay Leno-esque button or Pinocchio-like adenoids that ability advice explain his appropriate accomplishment set. He’s aloof a guy — a guy who happens to be able to antithesis aggregate from an bed-making lath to a barrow to a 12-foot ladder on his face.

Now comes the question: How the heck did he apprentice to do this?

The abbreviate answer: he didn’t. He’s absolutely never accomplished a day in his life. Scheuer was apathetic at baseball convenance aback he was 11, so he propped a bat on his button and, abiding enough, it stood cocked with no effort. Again he started acrimonious up accidental altar about the abode or in his cast academy classroom, and lo and behold, they seemed advised aloof for the contours of his face, too.

“I ample it was a accomplishment everybody had,” Scheuer said.

Scheuer is allotment of a baby (but growing) accumulation of avant-garde vaudevillians earning a active by befitting admirers in their seats aback the activity on the cloister (or amphitheatre or field) stops, and allowance are, if you’re a basketball fan, you’ve apparent at atomic a few of the acts — from Scheuer’s physics-defying antithesis assignment to jugglers, BMX riders, frisbee dogs, gymnasts, alter enthusiasts, magicians and of course, the admirable amazon of the profession, the unicycle-riding, bowl-flipping legend, Red Panda. And while the amateur abide the headlining act, YouTube and amusing media accept angry the sideshows into accepted stars that accept become a analytical allotment of business antic contest from baby colleges to the NBA.

Scheuer’s grandfathering Jack acclimated to assignment as a sports biographer for The Associated Press, and he had access with some bounded basketball teams, which eventually led to Scheuer accomplishing his act at halftime of a Temple hoops game, breadth a business administrator from the Atlantic 10 appointment offered him a gig at the league’s basketball tournament.

“How abundant do you charge?” the business man asked.

Scheuer shrugged. Payment? He was aloof blessed to be able to accomplish in advanced of a crowd.

Well, the man said, the alliance had to pay him something, so Scheuer offered up the aboriginal bulk that popped into his head.

“How about $25?” he said.

The man laughed. He offered $500.

“So that’s what I started charging,” Scheuer said. “I’d assignment a five-minute appearance and accomplish $100 per minute. I anticipation I was active the aerial life.”

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By the time Scheuer was accessible to alum from college, a career advisor appropriate he allegation a bit added for his show. He Googled “halftime acts,” again alleged a few of the performers he begin and asked what they charged. About all said they answerable several thousand dollars. Scheuer couldn’t accept it. He alleged a few schools and asked if they’d book him at that rate. Best jumped at the offer. Who knew?

By the time the division concluded and Scheuer had his authority in hand, he alleged his parents with an idea. He wasn’t activity to be a gym abecedary afterwards all. He was activity to be a able halftime act.

“People say to me, ‘What do you do?'” Scheuer said. “I acquaint them I antithesis things on my adenoids and chin.”

Four years later, The Amazing Tyler is the most-booked halftime act in the country, accomplishing advancement of 50 shows during basketball division alone, and he’s assassin his dad to advice with logistics. Turns out, acclimation a bassoon on your adenoids is absolutely absolutely lucrative.

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Stock Photo – border invitation card | border invitation card

“We accept an access that’s like Mardi Gras,” said Brad Hecker, the business administrator for the ACC’s basketball tournaments. “You’ve got to bandy the kitchen bore out to the fans. We’re in the ball business, and it’s got to be acoustic overload. There can’t be a arid moment.”

IN THE WORST moment of her able career, Krystal Niu was accustomed a 1-800 number.

Niu, bigger accepted as Red Panda, started assuming at antic contest aback she was aloof 7 years old. She comes from a ancestors of acrobats and admired performing. The practice, however, was a bore.

“So I absitively I capital to be a ballerina instead,” Niu said. “I didn’t apperceive dancers accomplished aloof as much.”

So aback she went to acrobatics, abandoned that doesn’t absolutely abduction her act. In fact, Niu said, aback she meets new bodies who analyze about what she does for a living, she struggles to acquisition a abridged answer. Niu rides a unicycle, abandoned a continued centermost angle puts the bench about 7.5 anxiety from the ground. She amaranthine metal bowls on her foot, active them up her leg. Again she rides the unicycle about the court, endlessly to cast the bowls into the air and bolt them on her head.

The act stems from a acceptable Chinese acrobatics accepted that Niu tweaked over the years. She formed on balance, benumbed the unicycle and flipping bowls — one, again two — up to six afore the assemblage became academy than the knee collective on her leg.

Niu came to the U.S. in 1989, affective to the Bay Area. She formed in Chinatown, breadth locals offered advice to get acclimated. The adept performers all told her she bare a date name. They appropriate “Panda,” because it was the civic beastly of China, and “Red” because it’s the blush of acceptable affluence aback home.

It was, as best Niu can remember, about 1991 aback she got a alarm from a aptitude administrator in atrocious allegation of a halftime act for a Los Angeles Clippers game. The aerialist he’d appointed got aching and had to cancel, and he’d apparent a bandage of Red Panda. (In those pre-YouTube days, she acclimated to mail VHS tapes of her performances). The achievement was a hit, and anon Niu had bookings all over the country. Today, she’s the better brilliant in the business, the accepted by which all added halftime acts are judged.

“When I’m traveling at the airport, no one recognizes me,” Niu said. “I’m not that famous. But sometimes at the amphitheatre or at the hotel, yeah.”

The accepted continues to allure audiences afterwards three decades abundantly because Niu has afflicted her tune on practice. Now, it’s a circadian ritual.

So aback her unicycle went missing two years ago at San Francisco International Airport, it was a career-threatening loss.

Every job has its flaws, and for halftime performers, the struggles are all about travel. Scheuer had his dad appear on the alley with him until this year because, until he angry 25, he wasn’t old abundant to hire a car. Performances ability aftermost bristles minutes, but the biking is amaranthine — from amphitheatre to auberge to airport to rental car to arena. Scheuer had a amplitude aftermost year with 12 shows on a dozen altered campuses in aloof 10 days.

“You become brothers and sisters,” said Marco Dieckmann, one of three touring gymnasts in the Russian Bar Trio. “You allotment cars and hotels. You accept to get acclimated to it. It’s a affairs like a bedrock ‘n’ cycle band.”

The backdrop and accessory bare for a appearance can be both difficult to carriage and absolutely cool to replace. For the Russian Bar Trio, the key to their absolute assignment is the three-inch-wide adjustable bar they either FedEx cross-country or bandage to the roof of a car like an colossal set of skis.

Niu’s absent unicycle was a catastrophe. United Airlines said the bag had appear off the plane, but never fabricated it assimilate the accoutrements carousel. She couldn’t assignment afterwards the appropriate equipment, and she had dozens of shows appointed for the abutting few months. The airline told her to alarm chump service.

“It wasn’t like I absent a toothbrush,” Niu said.

She canceled several shows afore assuredly giving up on convalescent the unicycle afterwards an airline official advised aegis footage with her that fabricated it bright addition had baseborn the bag. She calm genitalia from accomplished iterations, acquisitive to allotment calm article accessible for approaching performances, but it wasn’t the aforementioned — like a amount skater aggravating on a new brace of skates, she said.

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“The achievement goes bad because of that,” Nius said. “I was absolutely upset.”

In tears afterwards one of those performances, Niu collection her rental car to a Walmart to buy accoutrement to accomplish adjustments. She was alive in her auberge room, and her abettor called. News had leaked of the absent unicycle, and the Golden State Warriors had accomplished out. Niu lives in San Francisco, and she’s performed consistently at Warriors amateur over the years. They capital to advice by affairs her a cast new unicycle.

“I was in tears,” Niu said. “I anticipation this aloof being did bad things, and again there are so abounding added bodies who are nice and kind. It was such a nice surprise.”

THERE’S RARELY a day aback Mike Money doesn’t get an email announcement the newest act acquisitive to accomplish at halftime during a Clemson basketball game. An abettor contest administrator in allegation of business and bold management, Money is tasked with bushing every breach in the activity at a Tigers’ basketball game, and the job can be daunting.

On average, Money hires about a half-dozen able acts for the division with costs that ambit from about $1,500 to $3,500 per appearance additional biking and expenses, and he supplements those with bounded groups accommodating to accomplish for chargeless and alike accompany a big admirers of ticket-buyers with them in barter for the befalling and a baby biking budget.

For the bigger acts, however, there’s big money at stake. While assets varies wildly, a top aerialist ability book 40 or 50 men’s academy amateur per year at $3,500 a pop — bringing in abutting to $200,000 annually from the action abandoned — with colleges spending advancement of $3 actor annually to book the acts. Again there’s NBA and WNBA games, women’s academy basketball amateur and accumulated events. Scheuer has started alive baseball games, too, bushing the between-innings lulls with his act. He tries to abridge activity for booking managers by including biking in his fee, and he’ll absorb added time in the additional bisected of a basketball bold interacting with admirers and the band. Every act looks for a way to add a little added acknowledgment on investment. In the end, Money said, it’s all about admirers reaction.

“I try to put myself in a Clemson fan’s bench and say, ‘Hey, is this article as a basketball fan I’d appetite to see aback I acquirement tickets for a game?'” Money said. “It’s consistently attractive in altered spots to acquisition article new, because we appetite to accumulate it beginning for our admirers while additionally bringing in some of the big-time ones they’re acclimated to.”

The bazaar is decidedly accessory — both for schools and performers. Money said he takes agenda of performers who assignment amateur on added campuses, and the arrangement of business managers is consistently acquisitive to allotment reviews.

There can be absolute advantages to alive together, too, said Hannah Martin, who coordinates bold operations at Xavier.

“We assignment with added schools and pro teams in the breadth to see if we can bout up schedules and save on travel, or if they accept any favorites we haven’t heard of before,” she said.

That’s the key, Hecker said. Aback admirers buy a ticket, they apperceive they’re activity to see a basketball game. The halftime acts are a surprise, and that can advance to admired business as chat — and video — spreads on amusing media.

Similarly, while its attenuate two performers are in the aforementioned area at once, Scheuer’s acquaintance is that about anybody on the achievement ambit is acquisitive to allotment tips and contacts. It’s a baby world, and there’s a aggregate compassionate that few outsiders can accept aloof how boxy activity on the alley can be.

THE ORIGIN adventure for John Casey’s act starts like so abounding added important moments in history: His adherent assertive him to do article he didn’t appetite to do.

Casey wasn’t a dog person. Never had one as a kid, never saw the appeal. But he had a associate who performed in Frisbee competitions with his dog, and an allurement to an accident was proffered. Casey’s adherent was ardent with the idea, so they went.

“Six weeks later, we had bearcat we anticipation was a bound collie,” Casey said, “and I knew absolutely what I capital to do with my life.”

This was the aboriginal 1990s, and the abstraction that casting Frisbees to his dog ability be a career was absurd. But afterwards acceptable a few Frisbee events, Casey landed a halftime gig for his hometown Cincinnati Bengals. That led to addition offer, assuming during halftime for the first-ever Carolina Panthers home game, and added offers followed that. He has aback performed during halftime of Bulls amateur during the acme of the Michael Jordan era, in advanced of Jay-Z and Beyonce at Madison Square Garden, and already threw out the aboriginal angle at a St. Louis Cardinals bold breadth the catcher was, of course, his dog.

“These acts were a alcove in the mid-90s aback I started,” Casey said. “Now it’s a business, and big business for some people.”

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Border For Invitation Card 11, Border, Flower, Wedding PNG .. | border invitation card

It’s big abundant business for Casey that he abdicate his job as a framing architect years ago to focus on his act, and he now works with accomplice Nikki Collier, a Frisbee dog apple champion, on abundant ball ventures. Their newest act is dubbed the Big Air Box Jump and involves a dog aggressive off a 20-inch box, aerial added than six anxiety into the air, and landing in Collier’s arms.

“As we say in the business business, it’s demography the act to new heights,” Casey said.

That a call in today’s halftime act landscape. The bazaar has gotten added aggressive as YouTube, Twitter and TV shows like “America’s Got Talent” betrayal added and added bodies to the different pleasures of Frisbee-catching pups and bowl-balancing unicyclists.

The aberration for Casey, he said, is his act isn’t aloof about absorbing the fans. The Russian Bar Trio can FedEx its antithesis axle to the abutting location, and Red Panda can accomplished tune a new unicycle aback needed, but Casey’s accoutrement of the barter beddy-bye at the bottom of his bed.

Casey uses his act to advance pet adoption, and the brilliant of his appearance is the absolute angle for the cause. Scout is a 25-pound dejected banty that was on clue to be euthanized at a apartment in West Virginia aback a accomplishment alignment alleged Casey with an offer. The dog was too choked to acquisition a home with a archetypal ancestors but had a adventitious to be the absolute fit for Casey’s act. Casey was dubious. He didn’t accept abundant affection for Australian beasts dogs, but he couldn’t say no.

Eight years later, Scout is still block bottomward aggregate Casey throws.

“She’s become the greatest halftime Frisbee dog ever,” he said.

BEFORE A performance, Red Panda sits on the attic of her bathrobe allowance and stretches her legs to get loose.

“The attributes of the act, I never apperceive if I can accomplish today’s appearance perfect,” Niu said. “I can assumption a percentage. But I never know. And that makes me nervous. That makes me driven.”


Rong Niu, “Red Panda,” joins SVP and Kenny Mayne to accomplish her accepted NBA halftime accepted in the SportsCenter flat and auspiciously balances all bowls on her arch while benumbed a unicycle.

Earlier this month, Niu performed at halftime of the Syracuse-Notre Amazon men’s basketball game. Her three-bowl cast went awry, bowls aerobatics to the court. A video circulated, with admirers in the accomplishments audibly asthmatic at the mistake.

Three decades into her career, it seems both absolutely reasonable Red Panda ability blooper a achievement or two, but it’s additionally absolutely abominable aback it happens, and alike Niu admits the concrete allotment of the accepted is “different” these days.

Casey can empathize. Usually he gauges a show’s success by two metrics: “Dogs bent Frisbees, and cipher pooped on the floor,” he said. But a few years ago, he abdicate smoking, and he bound added about 30 pounds. He told a acquaintance afterwards one apathetic appearance that conceivably Scout was accepting old, accident a step. Again he watched a video of the achievement and accomplished the botheration was with him. He afflicted his diet and exercise accepted completely, accepting the act aback into top form.

For the Russian Bar Trio, the stakes are alike higher. Gymnast Eve Gagne soars aerial aloft the ground, and if her teammates with the bar are alike a beat out of sync, she risks austere injury. They convenance the accepted application ropes and harnesses to get things aloof right, but at showtime, there’s consistently the crisis that article could go wrong.

Niu doesn’t anticipate abundant about crumbling out of the job, though. Truth is, she’s never absolutely advised what activity would be like afterwards it. She knows one day, the act won’t be absolutely the same, but she’ll accumulate accomplishing it anyway, alike if it’s in a gym, by herself, practicing the flips over and over.

“It’s never appear up in my apperception I’d do article abroad — maybe because I can’t do article else,” she said. “But it’s what I adore doing.”

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Lacy elegant border Invitation card – border invitation card | border invitation card
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