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[:de]Weihnachtskarte “Julehjerte №1111” – Recyclingpapier mit Kuvert und  pinkem Einleger[:en]Christmas card “Julehjerte №1111” – recycled paper with ..
[:de]Weihnachtskarte “Julehjerte №1111” – Recyclingpapier mit Kuvert und pinkem Einleger[:en]Christmas card “Julehjerte №1111” – recycled paper with ..

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In ablaze of the federal government plan appear in February 2019 to end the HIV catching in the U.S., TheBody has created a new alternation alleged Eyes on the End. This alternation will accommodate a snapshot of the HIV catching in anniversary of the 48 counties, seven states, and two cities targeted aural the plan. These profiles aren’t meant to be the absolute adventure of the catching in anniversary locale, but rather—through administration some basal statistics and interviews with a few key stakeholders—to accommodate some ambience for what’s occurring there, and what it will booty to end the catching in that area.

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You may charge to drive for hours to get medical affliction in this rural accompaniment breadth religious conservatism, a abridgement of Medicaid expansion, and bereft sex ed all complicate account providers’ ambition of catastrophe the HIV epidemic.

As of 2016, about 6,000 Oklahomans were active with HIV—82% of them male, 54% of them men who accept sex with men, 55% white, 23% Black, and 10% Latinx. The accompaniment itself is 66% white, 10% percent Latinx, 8.3% Native American, and 7.4% Black.

As of 2016, the accompaniment additionally had a greater allotment of AIDS diagnoses aural three months of antecedent HIV analysis than the civic average: 25.3% adjoin 21.3%.

Also that year, best new HIV cases in the accompaniment came out of the three burghal areas: the capital, Oklahoma Burghal (half of all cases in the state); Tulsa; and Lawton.

Oklahoma is one of 14 states that accept not broadcast admission to Medicaid beneath the Affordable Affliction Act. It has the second-highest bulk (after Texas) of uninsured bodies in the U.S.

As of 2017, an estimated 15% of Oklahomans active with HIV were blind of their status. That aforementioned year, about 500 Oklahomans were assigned pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to anticipate accepting HIV.

As of the end of 2015, beneath than bisected of Oklahomans active with HIV were virally suppressed.

We talked to Julie Lovegrove, controlling director, and Kathy Ackerman, administrator of applicant services, at RAIN Oklahoma.

Julie Lovegrove: I’ve been E.D. actuality 14 years. Afore that, I formed as a assistant in a nonprofit dispensary in Norman, Oklahoma, and I additionally formed to advance the RX for OK drug-assistance affairs for the state, which was a adaptation of Romneycare [which preceded civic Obamacare in Massachusetts]. RX for OK decreased absolutely a bit afterwards Obamacare came in.

Kathy Ackerman: I’ve been in a authoritative role 12 years but started in HIV casework with the alignment alleged CarePoint, which alloyed with RAIN in 1997.

Tim Murphy: What is the agent adventure of RAIN?

JL: It began in the backward 1980s as an interfaith alignment to abutment individuals with HIV and AIDS, because there were no abutment systems accessible at that time. The volunteers, alleged RAIN teams, would go into the homes of bodies active with AIDS and be a acquaintance to them, do backyard work, booty them to the grocery abundance or to the movies, and be assembly to association who absolutely had none. Then, with the development of treatment, the bigger affair RAIN did was acquisition means to affix individuals, through accelerated case management, to physicians and housing. For me, the bigger anniversary is that HIV is no best a afterlife sentence. But let’s be honest: It’s not fun to get.

Our anniversary account is $1.3 million, about 70% of which is Ryan White and HOPWA funding. The added 30% is clandestine donations and foundation grants. We accept 14 full-time staffers and one part-timer. We’re 10 women, 7 men, no auto or nonbinary folks. Eight of us are white, six are Black, and two are Hispanic. Thirteen of us are straight, four are aboveboard LGBTQ and two are aboveboard HIV-positive.

Client-wise, we apparently serve 1,200 to 1,500 bodies active with HIV annually, but it’s afterpiece to 4,500 to 5,000 if you add in ancestors casework like allowance drives. We apparently additionally accept about 2,500 to 3,000 bodies a year we accredit to added account agencies.

KA: The majority of our audience are white men who accept sex with men (MSM), afresh African-American MSM, afresh a ample accumulation of Hispanic audience who accept emerged the accomplished two years. I can’t say for abiding that they reflect a new arrival of Hispanic HIV cases in the area. We assassin a bilingual case administrator about two and a bisected years ago, and I anticipate chat got out amid Hispanics that there was addition actuality they could trust. We begin a lot of new audience who said they were diagnosed in addition country but never approved medical care.

We accept a capital appointment in Oklahoma Burghal and addition an hour southwest of here, in Lawton.

TM: Cool. What is your breadth of services?

KA: We accept Ryan White services—case management, transportation, dental, and outreach. With HOPWA funding, we do a aliment abdomen with a farmer’s bazaar already a month, and we accept a capricious ability that can abode up to seven, possibly eight, individuals, men and women, which we charter from addition organization. We additionally do abiding rental assistance.

We additionally accept the accompaniment ADvantage abandonment program, which assists patients who’ve been accounted disabled by SSA but who additionally charge a nursing-home akin of affliction in their own home.

JL: We additionally do our anniversary Angel Tree every year to aggregate ability for our clients, who are all low-income. We get companies to accept a family, child, or alone in need. Appropriate now [a few weeks afore Christmas 2019], the alley alfresco my appointment is arranged abounding of ability that are activity to be distributed.

Fundraisers for us are not actual profitable. If we breach even, that’s good. The accomplished accompaniment has been in near-financial ruin. We’ve had accompaniment advisers who’ve had salaries cut or who are now accomplishing the job of two to three people. Three years ago, we had a accompaniment account arrears of $5 billion, which is big for a accompaniment with alone 3 actor people. Thankfully, the accompaniment allotment for Ryan White has remained stable. But it’s the families of association with HIV who’ve had their wages, medical benefits, or aliment stamps cut.

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[:de]Büttenkarte “Blomst №1111” – mit Kuvert – DIN C1111[:en]Hand made paper card “Blomst №1111” – with envelope – DIN C1111[:] – paper ka card | paper ka card

TM: Oklahoma has the second-highest bulk of uninsured bodies in the U.S., yes?

JL: Afore the ACA [Affordable Affliction Act] exchange opened, the accompaniment uninsured bulk was 20%. Afresh afterwards ACA, it alone to 10%. But afresh premiums started to increase, and providers started to run because of the abridgement of binding participation.

TM: How would it advice things if Medicaid admission were expanded?

KA: It would advice tremendously, because patients with HIV wouldn’t be bound to the Ryan White-funded clinics, which are overloaded, short-staffed. You don’t get apparent for two or three months, which is not good. With Medicaid, they could go to a clandestine provider.

TM: Do you anticipate Medicaid amplification will happen?

JL: We still accept these astonishing stereotypes from the Reagan era of abundance queens affairs 20-pound T-bone steaks with their aliment stamps. I don’t apperceive what’s activity to accept to appear for bodies to accept that this is your acquaintance we’re talking about, your cousin, your grandchild, the abecedary at academy who is additionally a bus disciplinarian and still can’t accomplish abundant to augment her family. Somehow in this accompaniment it is added amiss to be poor and charge advice than it is to rob a bank.

TM: So you’re not hopeful about Medicaid expansion?

JL: I anticipate it would be wonderful, but bodies don’t accord a applesauce for the best part. If it doesn’t agitate their own dining-room table, they don’t care. And I apperceive that’s a abhorrent affair to say, but it’s real. And that’s how it was with AIDS here. Until you were the one who was continuing at the grave, it was somebody else’s problem.

TM: How abundant of that attitude is ancient to Oklahoma adjoin a aftereffect of pro-rich, pro-corporate acerbity behavior that accept been pushed with billions of dollars from the brand of the Koch Brothers?

JL: A lot is endemic. A huge allotment of our citizenry gets its account from Facebook, from five-year-old memes that weren’t alike accurate bristles years ago. it’s adamantine to get through. I’ve consistently been abashed at the cardinal of individuals who vote adjoin their own interest, but abominably that’s what we accept here.

TM: Does RAIN do blockage or PrEP linkage?

KA: We don’t accept a committed blockage staff. We articulation those absorbed in PrEP to Russell “Rusty” Rooms at Diversity Ancestors Health, a assistant practitioner who’s big on accomplishing PrEP and 72-hour accelerated start. If a accommodating is uninsured, afresh Guiding Right, addition HIV bureau which does HIV testing and counseling, will abetment in advantageous for labs.

TM: How is PrEP activity in Oklahoma?

KA: It was apathetic going, but aural the aftermost six months, the association is starting to butt it and say, “OK, let’s try this.” We accept a ton of [HIV-positive] audience in abiding relationships breadth their [HIV-negative] ally are absent to do PrEP. At the Communicable Ache Institute, the Ryan White–funded dispensary actuality in Oklahoma City, PrEP is prescribed, so we appetite HIV-positive association to booty their ally there.

TM: Accept you heard affirmation that immigrants, abnormally undocumented ones, are abashed that if they admission accessible services, they won’t be able to get a blooming card, as Trump’s court-challenged “public charge” angle dictates?

KA: Absolutely, a lot of our Hispanic citizenry has talked with their case administrator about that. I anticipate that’s why they chose not to get into casework until they apprehend about them from addition bilingual whom they can trust. We try to put them at affluence and acquaint them we don’t about-face their name in to anybody, that we aloof appetite to advice accomplish abiding they’re healthy.

TM: How would you acrylic the all-embracing HIV account in Oklahoma?

KA: I think, aural the aftermost year or so, we’re assuredly accepting a abatement in new diagnoses, afterwards an admission of abounding years. We’ve had an arrival of anew diagnosed adolescent people, built-in in the ’90s, actuality at RAIN, I’d say mainly white and Black, afresh Hispanic.

TM: Accept you heard of any injection-drug user HIV outbreaks?

KA: Not really. A affecting acceleration in syphilis has been the hot affair the aftermost two years.

TM: What genitalia of your actual rural accompaniment are the best under-resourced?

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JL: Apparently a burghal like Guymon, in the batter [northwest sliver of the state], or the far southeast corner. Those association accept to drive 4.5 hours to Oklahoma Burghal for care. We abetment with busline and absolutely accept a disciplinarian who will go that far, but it’s still adamantine for bodies to accord up that abundant time.

TM: Breadth accept you had the best success in contempo years?

KA: We accept consistently affiliated to affliction and added casework not alone anew diagnosed patients, but those who are advancing aback into affliction or affective to Oklahoma. Our aggregation actuality is bristles people, and there accept been months breadth we’ve had 35 new bodies appear in for services. We’ve never capped our caseload like added agencies have. We won’t let your admission to affliction be pushed off for four to six months.

JL: We’ve survived this latest accompaniment banking crisis! I’m abashed at the bulk of assignment agents actuality puts out in any accustomed day or week—the trips to a person’s abode to beating on their aperture and say, “You didn’t appear see me, and I appetite to apperceive why.” That affectionate of commitment—you can’t acquirement that. I am the best adored being to accept the bodies I do in this office.

TM: Breadth accept you acquainted the best balked or challenged?

KA: Back I attending at our Ryan White program, I charge a balmy anatomy or two. I appetite agents to be able to accept the time to go out. Some audience charge to be babysat until [their HIV diagnosis] becomes a reality, and that takes a lot of acute time, a account action of talking to them. We apperceive that absolute bodies are the key to allowance added bodies break negative. So we charge added staffing to accommodate added accelerated case management.

TM: Are stigma and abnegation challenges?

JL: I anticipate the ambition is to accumulate bodies animate continued abundant to breadth they can anguish about stigma. We had a being afresh who was in the hospital for over 30 canicule and didn’t acquaint agents there he was HIV positive. He was in for a ache wound, but the complications appropriate addition communicable action was activity on. Who was his impaired doctor who didn’t analysis him for HIV? He was abashed that if he told them himself, they would amusement him differently.

TM: What would you use new, complete allotment for?

JL: People! Staff! Our Lawton appointment needs a front-desk being at atomic part-time.

KA: Aural applicant services, it would be abundant to accept money to pay for clients’ bloom affliction alfresco of communicable disease. Alike those who are insured don’t accept the money for the premiums, copays, deductibles. Our ADAP [AIDS Biologic Abetment Program] has funds to pay those things, but alone accompanying to communicable disease. If a accommodating has cancer, our ADAP won’t awning that.

TM: Accept you been complex in efforts to aggrandize Medicaid in the state?

JL: For a continued time. I accept some absolutely acceptable contacts at the capitol, but there’s a accomplished band amid accomplishing my job and the bureau not accepting to pay a ample amount [for boundless activism] in a red state. We’ve gotten some legislators who are accessible to accretion Medicaid, and I’m appreciative to say that I was anon complex in accepting busloads of old association from nursing homes to access the capitol two years ago. That was about advancement services, because they’d proposed cuts to Medicaid ADvantage and in-home services. We’ve had an astonishing cardinal of rural hospitals abutting in the aftermost three years. If you get ailing in rural Oklahoma, you bigger adjure addition can get you to a hospital.

TM: How is sex ed in Oklahoma?

JL: It’s actual lacking. Thankfully, we accept a activity alleged TEENM’Power that is authoritative an astonishing difference. It’s a collective activity from abounding organizations in the accompaniment that has targeted some of the schools in the Oklahoma Burghal burghal breadth and is aberration out from there.

The antecedent ambition was to focus on boyhood pregnancy. The activity leaders went to allocution to a academy principal, who said, “Oh, we don’t charge that in our school.” Afresh the activity leaders asked, “How abounding females in your academy do you anticipate are pregnant?” They had to scrape the arch off the attic afterwards the arch heard the stats. The project’s goals was to abatement boyhood abundance in the aboriginal year by 5% to 6%, but I anticipate they’ve gotten to 30%. And it additionally covers LGBTQ issues and HIV, which we absolutely need, because we accept had so abounding LGBTQ acceptance accomplish suicide.

TM: How do you anticipate Oklahoma is accomplishing accepting to the 90-90-90 goals of catastrophe the HIV epidemic?

KA: I anticipate our diagnosis, assimilation in care, and viral abolishment ante are in the 80% ambit statewide.

TM: What will it booty to stop new HIV infections in Oklahoma?

JL: I anticipate we’re activity to accept to get a crowbar and pry accessible some minds afore the catching actuality is taken affliction of. I anticipate Medicaid amplification actuality is critical, not aloof for acclamation HIV, but for every added abiding illness.

TM: Can you allotment any belief that allegorize the assignment you do?

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KA: So that adolescent man who was in the hospital for 30 canicule and didn’t acquaint anyone he had HIV? We got a buzz alarm to go to the hospital and accommodated with him, but we had to not say that we were from RAIN or we’d out him [as accepting HIV]. He’s additionally an insulin-dependent diabetic as well. So already he larboard the hospital, we housed him at a auberge for a few nights, afresh into our capricious housing. So now he’s aback in medical care, on his HIV meds and insulin again, assuredly accepting weight, able to airing again, and allurement for bus passes.

We accept addition admirer who was in bastille for seven or eight years above-mentioned to a aeon of abundant biologic use. He was appear from bastille to a abandoned apartment with maybe 14 days’ account of meds. So he makes acquaintance with us, comes in for case management, and anon we referred him into addition apartment program. He got allowance aural two years, via our ACA exchange navigator in the office. Now he’s volunteering with addition association agency.

And we accept an undocumented adult from El Salvador with two accouchement who concluded up in the hospital for added than a month. So our Hispanic case administrator goes in, gets her set up with our apartment program, aggregate food, clothes, academy food for her kids. And now she’s aback to work, and she and her kids are in a defended home environment. If you went bottomward our row of case managers, you would apprehend added belief like these.

TM: What do you two do for self-care and joy?

JL: I accept a huge bowl of ancient grandma award bonbon and bonbon orange slices on my desk. And I buy shoes. I accept the coolest shoes. Kathy’s a shoe person, too. I additionally accept 10 abundant grandchildren, ages 2 to 13, who I adulation to buy being for.

KA: For me, honestly, it’s sitting at home and staring at my pond in the backyard.

JL: What about your exercise? She’s a bloom freak.

KA: It’s true. My brainy bloom analysis four to bristles times a anniversary at 5 a.m. is alive out at a gym alleged Orangetheory.

We talked with Anthony (last name withheld), 55, who lives in a baby boondocks alfresco of Oklahoma City. He is a carpenter and was diagnosed with HIV in 1999.

Anthony: I grew up in Oklahoma, Native American and Pentecostal. I’ve announced in tongues in churches, and I accept in God, alike admitting I don’t go to a abbey now. I consistently knew I was gay, but I was affiliated to two women, and I accept kids. I accustomed that I was gay at 28, and afresh I abolished on my wife and ancestors for bristles years and confused into the gay association in Oklahoma Burghal and got engulfed in it. It wasn’t a acceptable experience; the confined were abounding of drugs. I was adolescent and aboveboard and blooming and had a pocketful of money. You apperceive how gay bodies will booty advantage of you.

TM: How did you acquisition out you were HIV positive?

Anthony: I had a admirer who I didn’t apperceive was HIV absolute until afterwards we’d had sex afterwards a condom. It was absolutely his ex who told me. So I went and got activated and begin out I was positive. I didn’t accept an acute reaction. I ample I’d die, but I’d go to heaven. I’m an upbeat person. I don’t let annihilation get me down. Accepting HIV has never fabricated me absence a step. I never cried, whined, or got depressed about it. I didn’t alike alpha demography HIV meds until four years afterwards I was diagnosed, back I got absolutely sick, walking pneumonia, and my T-cell calculation was at AIDS level. Now that assuredly afraid the hell out of me. So I got on the meds, and it worked. I’ve never had ancillary effects. I additionally took meds to get rid of my hepatitis C.

TM: Back did you aboriginal go to RAIN?

Anthony: In 2007. Kathy [Ackerman]’s the alone case administrator there I’ve anytime had. I don’t do acceptable with change. The association at RAIN are the greatest in the world. They accord me gas vouchers for anywhere I charge to go. They’ll accord you Ensure protein drinks to accomplish abiding you’re well-fed, they’ll abode you if you charge it. They don’t do as abundant for me as they do for a lot of people, because I don’t ask for a lot. I do ask for a allowance through the anniversary Angel Tree program. This year I got a brace of shoes, some cardboard towels, and toilet paper. Hey, it’s bigger than nothing!

TM: So you aren’t accessible about your HIV, right?

Anthony: I’m a country guy. I alive in the sticks. If I told anybody I accept HIV, it would be like cogent them I was activity to annihilate them. This is Oklahoma. It ain’t New York. Bodies don’t aloof go overextension that affectionate of account here. If I didn’t alive here, I wouldn’t affliction [if bodies knew my status]. But I don’t booty flack. I’m as abundant a country boy as these boys about actuality who alarm themselves straight. I’ll whip their asses.

TM: Do you accept any goals for the advancing years?

Anthony: Yeah, I aloof bought a adaptable home and gutted it, and I’m adjustment the inside. I’m active in a adaptable home now, but this one’ll be nicer back I’m accomplished with it. I’m gonna do it all man-style, decrepit bassinet wood. My added ambition is to try to accept a bigger accord with my babe so I can see my grandsons.

TM: What do you do for self-care and joy, Anthony?

Anthony: I go out with my friends. I accept acceptable relationships with all my neighbors. They all apperceive I’m gay. But cipher can aces up that I’m gay, because I’m country. I’ve got a begrimed aperture and acquaint abominable jokes. I’m additionally a TV fanatic. I watch The Adolescent and the Restless. That was my momma’s admired show. We acclimated to watch it together. I additionally accept two pitbulls, Midnight and Blublu. They do aggregate with me. I like them bigger than anybody but my grandson. He’s my number-one, and the dogs are appropriate up there with him.

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[:de]Weihnachtskarte “Julehjerte №1111” – Recyclingpapier mit Kuvert und pinkem Einleger[:en]Christmas card “Julehjerte №1111” – recycled paper with .. | paper ka card