13 The Best Quick And Easy Card Tricks To Learn

13 EASY Card Tricks You Can Learn In 13 MINUTES!!! – quick and easy card tricks to learn
13 EASY Card Tricks You Can Learn In 13 MINUTES!!! – quick and easy card tricks to learn

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Become a adept of iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 with our attainable annual of iOS 8 tips and tricks that let you do added with your iPhone, iPad or iPod blow active the latest iOS 8 software updates. From the earlier iPhone 4s and iPad mini to the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6, you’ll apprentice commodity air-conditioned you can do with your iPhone and iPad.

Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do! - YouTube - quick and easy card tricks to learn
Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do! – YouTube – quick and easy card tricks to learn | quick and easy card tricks to learn

You don’t charge to apprehend a chiral to apprentice about these air-conditioned iOS 8 tips and tricks, aloof chase our to the point adviser of features, tricks and accoutrement that you can use to do added on the iPhone and iPad. You charge the chargeless iOS 8 amend for these to work, and for some you will charge OS X Yosemite on your Mac or the best up to date iCloud for Windows software.

You don’t charge to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad to use any of these features. Best of these iOS 8 tips and tricks will assignment on all of the accessories that run iOS 8, but some crave the newer accessories to work. We’ll outline those aback administration the iOS 8 features.

Apple shares some of these iOS 8 tips and tricks in the iPhone 6 ads, but you don’t charge the iPhone 6 to accomplish them all work. At atomic bisected of these iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 tips and tricks are hidden central Apple’s apps and in settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  

Most of these iOS 8 tips and tricks are chargeless to use, but a few will crave apps or accessories to absolutely advance your iPhone and iPad. You can use these on the iPhone on any carrier and on the WiFi or LTE iPad models.

Forget annual the continued iOS 8 manual, and apprentice about the best iOS 8 tips and tricks appropriate here.

Use these iOS 8 tips and tricks to alleviate the abounding abeyant of your new iPhone or iPad. Our iOS 8 hidden appearance appearance you agitative options and capabilities that you will not acquisition in the iOS 8 manual, which can advice you get added for the money you spent on the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch.

With iOS 8 you can accomplish a alarm from your iPad or Mac, application your iPhone to alpha the call. This turns the iPad or Mac into a big speakerphone or allows users to bung in headphones to allocution through those. This is not the aforementioned as FaceTime audio, which can alone alarm addition Apple device. With this set up, you can alarm any buzz cardinal you want. You charge iOS 8 or college on all accessories and OS X Yosemite on Mac.

To abode a call, you can go to Contacts on your iPad and tap on the buzz amount for the being you appetite to call. You can additionally tap on numbers in Safari. On OS X Yosemite, you can download Continuity Dialer. To Acknowledgment a call, you aloof charge to bang Acquire on the Mac or tap or accelerate to acquire on the iPad.

For this to assignment you charge to use the aforementioned iCloud annual on all devices, be on the aforementioned WiFi arrangement and active into FaceTime application the aforementioned iCloud account. Here’s added on ambience up your Mac to acknowledgment iPhone calls.

Apple delivers a aloft advancement to Messaging for iOS 8 that makes it easier to be added advantageous with your iPhone, iPad, iPod blow and your Mac. We’ll outline these tips and tricks, and there are added capacity on how to set them up in our 10 iMessage Tips and Tricks for iOS 8 guide.

You can accomplish adaptable payments at abounding food with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Abounding food abutment Apple Pay, but you charge an Apple Pay coffer for this to work. Apprehend this adviser to set up Apple Pay. You can browse in the agenda application the iPhone camera.

After you are set up, you aloof charge to authority the iPhone abutting to the acclaim agenda clairvoyant and columnist your feel to the Blow ID sensor.

The iOS 8 allotment agenda includes shortcuts to abounding of your admired apps, bold they are adapted for iOS 8 and abutment this new feature. You can bound accelerate a articulation or account to an app like Evernote, Asana and abounding others.

Go to Safari and tap the allotment amount at the basal of the screen. accelerate over on the average row until you see Added and tap on it. Actuality you can about-face on the apps you appetite and change the adjustment so that the apps you appetite to use are up front.

Intermediate Card Tricks For Kids: Card Tricks That Will ..
Intermediate Card Tricks For Kids: Card Tricks That Will .. | quick and easy card tricks to learn

This isn’t bound to Safari, but it is an attainable abode to configure this. You can use these items in added apps from Apple and from the App Store.


Appel includes iCloud Keychain to administer your passwords amid the iPhone, iPad and Mac, but it alone supports Safari. A bigger advantage is LastPass. This account is $12 a year and it works on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC and appropriate on the web. Your passwords accompany through all of the accessories you use.

With LastPass you actualize one super-strong countersign and afresh it creates accidental and circuitous passwords for your apps and services. You alone charge to bethink one of the passwords. If you are on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Additional or iPad Air 2, you can log in with Blow ID.

In Safari you can tap the allotment amount and afresh annal to Added and toggle LastPass on to use this account to login to webpages you are browsing in Safari.

Watch the iOS 8 camera tips and tricks aloft to amount out how to adept the camera on any of your iPhone or iPads active iOS 8. Some of these are new appearance that you charge iOS 8 for, but a few will be accustomed from iOS 7. There are 10 iOS 8 camera tips and tricks

In iOS 8, you can use the Instant Hotspot to affix to the iPhone hotspot from your added Apple accessories after action in and axis hotspot on every time. This includes abutting a WiFi iPad to an iPhone or an iPad with LTE and to abutting a Mac. The Mac needs to run OS X Yosemite for this to work.

On the accessory you appetite to connect, go to the WiFi settings and attending for the iPhone name. This will appearance you the array action and arresting strength. Bang on it to affix to the Instant Hotspot. This adviser includes added capacity on how iOS 8 Instant Hotspot works.

Apple still doesn’t accommodate widgets on the home screen, but you can now add iOS 8 widgets to the Notification Center. To do this, pull bottomward to see the Notification Center -> annal to the basal and tap Edit. From here, you can tab the additional amount to add added widgets. You charge to add apps with widgets to your iPhone or iPad by downloading them from the App Store. Analysis out our best iOS 8 widgets for some apps to get you started.

With Handoff, you can bound attainable up and admission the certificate you were alive on with your iPhone on your iPad or Mac. You’ll charge to about-face Handoff on for your Mac with these directions.

And afresh you’ll appetite to about-face on Handoff on your iPhone or iPad application these steps.

Handoff apps will appearance up on the larboard of your Dock on the Mac and on the lock awning on your iPhone or iPad. Tap or bang to admission the app and the certificate you were alive on. Analysis out added about how to use Handoff on iOS 8.

iOS 8 assuredly adds abutment for third-party keyboards like SwiftKey, Swype and abounding others including one-hand keyboards like the one apparent above. You can use these on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You charge to download new iOS 8 keyboards from the App Abundance and afresh baddest the keyboard in settings.

To about-face on a keyboard, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard -> tap on the name of the keyboard. On some, you will charge to tap on the name and Acquiesce Abounding Access.

iOS 8 includes the adeptness to see absolutely what apps are application your array life. This makes it easier to amount out why you are accepting bad iPhone array life. It can additionally appearance you if your bad iPhone array action is due to a poor signal.

How to Do Card Magic Tricks for Beginners | HobbyLark - quick and easy card tricks to learn
How to Do Card Magic Tricks for Beginners | HobbyLark – quick and easy card tricks to learn | quick and easy card tricks to learn

Go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Array Usage from actuality you can attending at the aftermost 24 hours and the aftermost seven days.

You can assuredly allotment your purchases with ancestors associates alike if you don’t all use the aforementioned Apple ID. To do this, you charge to set up iOS 8 ancestors sharing.

You’ll charge to chase the best set of instructions in that adviser to adapt your ancestors and set up a acclaim agenda for payment. After this is set up, you can allure your ancestors associates to join.

On the iPhone ancestors associates can go to Purchases in apps and see the apps, music, movies and books that added ancestors associates purchased. For apps, go to App Abundance -> Updates -> Purchased.

Forget alone seeing 1,000 photos on PhotoStream. iOS 8 lets you use iCloud Photo Library to abundance all of your photos in iCloud so they are attainable beyond all of your Apple accessories and online at iCloud. This is still in beta, so you may appetite to delay until 2015 for this to leave beta. To about-face this on, chase these directions.

Choose if you appetite to optimize iPhone accumulator with abate versions or to accumulate the abounding admeasurement originals. Analysis out added about how to about-face on and use iCloud Photo Library on iOS 8.

iCloud drive lets users abundance all kinds of files on the iPhone, iPad and your Mac. This keeps the files in accompany amid all of your Apple devices. To about-face this on for the iPhone or iPad go to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive –> On and you may appetite to about-face off Cellular Abstracts to accumulate your abstracts plan in check.

Right now you charge iCloud Drive apps to appearance and use the files on your iPhone or iPad. Analysis out how to about-face on iCloud Drive on Mac and Windows as able-bodied as added tips to use this new affection as able-bodied as how to buy added iCloud storage.

Find My iPhone isn’t new in iOS 8, but it is an capital affection that you charge to use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With Acquisition My iPhone angry on, you can clue bottomward a absent or baseborn iPhone, clean it if you charge to or aloof comedy a complete aback you confuse it at home. There is one attainable new affection you charge to about-face on.

Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Acquisition My iPhone and accomplish abiding to about-face it on. On the abutting screen, toggle Accelerate Aftermost Area to On. This will acquiesce you to see area your iPhone is application addition iPhone and the additional advantage makes the iPhone accelerate it’s aftermost area afore the array dies. Here’s added on how to set up Acquisition My iPhone on iOS 8.

Apple added Quick Contacts to iOS 8, which shows your best contempo or admired contacts on the multitasking menu. Double tap the home button to see your contempo contacts. Tap on one to see options including email, messaging and buzz calls.

To about-face off contempo contacts, chase these directions;

This will abolish both favorites and recents from the app switcher in iOS 8.

The Bloom app in iOS 8 allows you to clue your bloom and action application congenital sensors, added apps and accessories.

Learn Fun Magic Tricks to Try on Your Friends - quick and easy card tricks to learn
Learn Fun Magic Tricks to Try on Your Friends – quick and easy card tricks to learn | quick and easy card tricks to learn

Open the Bloom App and afresh tap on Bloom Data. From there you can annal through the options to acquisition things you appetite to track. Some items you will charge to manually enter, others will admission through the sensors in the iPhone 5S and newer. You can additionally tap on Sources to baddest apps to accommodate in the Bloom App data.

The Medical ID advantage lets you actualize a quick ID with contacts and important bloom advice that is attainable on the lock awning of your iPhone for aboriginal responders.

If you appetite added photo alteration ability than Apple includes in the Photos app, you can use added apps from the app abundance appropriate from your Photo library.

If you download an app like Camera it will appearance up in the options to adapt your photos from central the Photos app, and afresh you can save the photo appropriate to that aforementioned spot.

Tap Edit. Afresh tap the baby amphitheater with three dots. Next, tap on Added and afresh toggle on the apps you appetite to use.  This will set it up and from now on, aloof tap the three dots and afresh the app icon.

You don’t charge to buy or download a Emoji keyboard for iOS 8, but you will charge to about-face it on. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Keyboards afresh -> Add New Keyboard -> Tap on Emoji.

This adds it to your keyboard options. Aback typing, tap on the apple on the keyboard to about-face to the Emoji keyboard. Tap on the Emoji you appetite to use and analysis out added iOS 8 Emoji tips.

You can affix a Bluetooth keyboard to the iPhone, iPad or iPod blow to get added done aback you charge to blazon a lot. You should be able to use any Bluetooth keyboard with your iOS 8 devices, but there are some appropriate cases with keyboards that iPad owners should analysis out. Actuality are the best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Additional Bluetooth keyboards.

Turn on the keyboard and it should alpha analytic for a accessory to brace to. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> tap on the keyboard name at the basal of the awning to brace it and alpha application the keyboard.

You can acquiesce the iPhone or iPad to consistently accept for a phrase, “Hey Siri” which will alpha Siri after the charge to blow the iPhone. The iPhone or iPad needs to be acquainted in for this to work, so it’s attainable in the car or on your night stand.

Go to Settings -> General -> Siri -> Acquiesce Hey Siri. To use this, aloof say, “Hey Siri” aback the iPhone is acquainted in or in a array case.

AirDrop is an attainable way to allotment files, photos and links to the iPhone, iPad, iPod and now the Mac. We use this to accelerate photos from our iPhone to the computer about every day. This works with the iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 4 or newer, iPad mini and newer and the iPod blow 5th generation. You’ll additionally charge a Mac that is from 2008 or newer. Depending on the archetypal it may charge to be as new as 2010.

AirDrop appears in the allotment agenda on the iPhone, and you aloof charge to tap on the Mac name to accelerate the file. There are added abundant instructions about how to use this to accelerate from the iPhone to Mac, Mac to iPhone and iPhone to iPhone in our OS X Yosemite & iOS 8 AirDrop guide.

The iPhone camera can browse in a acclaim agenda aback you charge to accomplish a acquirement in Safari. This doesn’t assignment in apps appropriate now, but if you are blockage out online it is a fast way to admission your acclaim agenda information.

13 Easy Card Tricks for Kids to Delight and Amaze - quick and easy card tricks to learn
13 Easy Card Tricks for Kids to Delight and Amaze – quick and easy card tricks to learn | quick and easy card tricks to learn

When you are blockage out, tap in the acclaim agenda atom and the AutoFill Acclaim Agenda advantage will acquiesce you to browse a acclaim agenda application the camera. iOS 8 can additionally save this for you, so you don’t charge to do it again.

13 The Best Quick And Easy Card Tricks To Learn – quick and easy card tricks to learn
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Top 13 Card Tricks You Can Learn In One Day! - quick and easy card tricks to learn
Top 13 Card Tricks You Can Learn In One Day! – quick and easy card tricks to learn | quick and easy card tricks to learn

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