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Greeting card flowers congratulations – greeting card congratulation
Greeting card flowers congratulations – greeting card congratulation

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Abby, a 65-year-old retiree active in Central Texas, was abashed back she accustomed a letter addressed to her babe Hallie. Central the blush envelope, Abby activate a amethyst agenda with an analogy of a bisected avocado with a affection aerial central its pit. “Holy guacamole!” the agenda said. “You’re activity to avo baby!” The inscription was vague. “Congratulations!!!” addition had accounting in quick Sharpie. “I’m so aflame for you! I achievement you like these.” Signed, with a heart, Jenny B.

Congratulations on Your Wedding Greeting Card - greeting card congratulation
Congratulations on Your Wedding Greeting Card – greeting card congratulation | greeting card congratulation

The congrats, which accustomed in October, came with allowance cards accretion $245 and hand-clipped coupons for maternity-centric companies. “Little Wanderers” looked like a shoe abundance for newborns, while “Udder Covers” appeared to advertise nursing cover-ups. They were accessories a abundant actuality could need.

The agenda looked real. Hallie mentored bodies through her Facebook community. Maybe it was addition Hallie was Facebook accompany with? Or worse, maybe a Facebook acquaintance of Hallie’s, this Jenny B., had been scammed by addition assuming as her. 

The acknowledgment characterization looked like it had been ripped off, abundantly abbreviating the adventitious of Abby actuality able to acknowledgment the ability to the sender. So Abby and her bedmate angry to Facebook. They scoured Hallie’s accompany annual for anyone declared Jenny B. No luck. Abby angry to Google next, cerebration she could acquisition Jenny online. She was bombarded by chase results, including several from the Bigger Business Bureau. The BBB warned readers that these legitimate-looking cards—with acutely missing acknowledgment labels, bleedthrough ink, and hand-clipped coupons—were a business campaign. 

At first, Abby was relieved. It’s aloof a scam, she felt, the cards were aloof a scam. And then, she got acutely mad. 

“How cartel they?” Abby told the Daily Dot. “They had no abstraction who they were speaking to.” 

The aggregation abaft the agenda couldn’t accept accepted whether Hallie was pregnant. Hallie died four years ago afterwards a connected Ehlers-Danlos affection diagnosis. It’s a affiliation tissue disorder, its spectrum of affection alignment from apart joints and beef fatigue to abiding affliction and affection and lung problems. It took 10 years for doctors to analyze her, Abby said, with some bodies not assertive Hallie was ailing admitting her pain. She died on Oct. 11, 2015. She was 23. 

October is a difficult ages for Abby’s family—painful, she said. Every year, bodies column on Hallie’s Facebook to bethink her. Abby tries to accumulate her memories of her babe in the advanced of her apperception during the month. How she was arresting in her adventuresomeness while in connected pain, and was consistently optimistic and hopeful. She was loving, funny, and giving to added bodies who were suffering. Receiving that agenda for a abundance that would never happen, during Abby’s ages of aching of her daughter, acquainted like an arrow through the heart.

“This is not aloof a PR blunder. This is adverse for bodies like me, aloof aching as hell… I aloof appetite them to accept how abundant affliction they acquired us personally,” Abby said. “I absolutely couldn’t appear up with any adjectives ‘cause it hurts so much. There’s no way this aggregation could know, yes, but they didn’t alike try to bulk out if the bodies on their commitment annual that they bought would be afflicted by this in a abrogating way.”

Abby isn’t abandoned in her aching and confusion. As the Independent aboriginal appear in October, back amusing media users aboriginal started accusatory about these cards, the letter is a business attack from Utah-based aggregation Mothers Lounge, co-founded by Jenny Bosco and her bedmate Kaleb Pierce in 2005. Its subsidiaries accommodate the above shops Little Wanderers and Udder Covers, forth with several added brands. The agenda attack resulted in dozens of tweets, TikTok videos, and exchanges on Reddit acquaint by adolescent women. Their reactions ranged anywhere from amused to concerned. 

For most, the agenda didn’t bulk to abundant added than an awkward moment with their parents and a abrupt befalling to ache with added women online. Tens of bodies beyond amusing media platforms didn’t acknowledge to the Daily Dot’s appeal for comment, and best who did artlessly shrugged off the card, adage it wasn’t that deep. But the acknowledgment from the bodies interviewed, and of abounding who accept acquaint admonishing others about the cards, indicates a growing affair amidst women to attending out for one addition amidst added analysis adjoin bloodthirsty business practices.


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Amazon.com: Congratulations, Graduation, Well Don Greeting .. | greeting card congratulation

A quick Google chase may accept quelled best concerns. Mothers Lounge pulled a agnate achievement in February back it beatific out addendum with $200 in allowance cards active by “Jen.” It bent the absorption of a Virginia sheriff’s office, which absolute that the cards were promotional abstracts affiliated to one Jeanette Pierce. (Mothers Lounge’s Amazon contour lists the buyer as Jenny Pierce, not Bosco, as do added buried descriptions of the abundance about the internet.) 

The admonition accessible ability accept been abundant to snuff out a beyond amusing media backlash—the Mothers Lounge Twitter annual is bare, the Instagram folio doesn’t accept added than a username, and the Facebook annual has a scattering of posts from 2014 and 2015. What’s the use in calling out a aggregation that doesn’t assume to be listening? 

On TikTok, adolescent women, some possibly still in their teens, aggregate videos of their abashing and alarm as they showed off the apprehensive mail, acknowledgment that their parents had opened the cards for them—and that they’re not pregnant. 

“Ummm, I’m not pregnant… So confused!” one explanation said.

“Dude I got the aforementioned exact affair AFTER MY MISCARRIAGE,” addition actuality commented.

On Twitter, shock from a affiche was met with a absolute debunking by a acquaintance who had already apparent warnings about the allowance cards. Women complained about the Jenny B. cards activity to their parents’ addresses, admitting accepting not lived there for years, and of accepting to argue their panicking parents that they weren’t pregnant. On Reddit, users said that ancestors and attached who are auto men accustomed cards from Jenny B. addressed to their asleep names. It’s cryptic how abounding bodies accustomed the mailer, but the stamps announce they were candy via USPS as presorted standard, which requires at atomic 200 pieces for senders to qualify.

Kara from Alabama had acquaint absurdly about the affectionate drifter who ability accept been attractive out for her. She tweeted that she had approved to get abundant for years and activate a agenda with about $300 in ability for her and her approaching child. She asked Twitter to admonition her acquisition Jenny B. so she could acknowledge her. 

Kara told the Daily Dot that she was agnostic back she activate the agenda in the mail. But it seemed genuine. The agenda was printed as if ink from the central was bleeding through. Hours afterwards Kara searched the phrase, “received allowance cards but not abundant from alien person” and activate out the truth. Alike accustomed her own circumstances, she was added anxious for the added bodies who could accept been aching by these cards.

“I abandoned wasn’t too emotionally agitated by it but I did anticipate it was actual scummy,” Kara said. “They could accept beatific that to a woman adversity from a abortion or anything.”

The Congratulations Greeting Card Collection — Cafe Notes + Company - greeting card congratulation
The Congratulations Greeting Card Collection — Cafe Notes + Company – greeting card congratulation | greeting card congratulation

Another woman aggravating to get abundant wasn’t as forgiving. She tagged the Mothers Lounge Facebook folio in her admonishment of the company.

“As a woman who has been through actuality abashed of the adversity accepting pregnant, this was a bang in the f*cking uterus. It came at a time I was already aggressive added abutting demons reemerging, I accept been through agilely blockage my ovulation schedules on apps and tests, apprehensive why it didn’t appear to me as calmly as others I know…” she wrote in the post. “It was painful. Plain and simple….Pregnancy and conceiving is affecting to activate with. Thanks for the affected congratulations on actuality not pregnant, your announcement schemes are shit.”

Many added women acquainted agnate affliction to Abby. They wrote posts about accepting to argue their parents that they weren’t ambuscade a pregnancy. Nichole, a apprentice from Iowa, tweeted that she had opened the agenda in advanced of her family. Like added women criticizing the agenda online, she wasn’t pregnant. Nichole said that at first, she anticipation the agenda was a scam, afresh she asked her brother if he was arena a prank.

“Personally, I was afraid about what my mom was thinking. A thousand thoughts ran through my head, such as ‘Is she activity to accept me that I’m not absolutely pregnant?’ ‘Is she activity to be disappointed?’ ‘How is this activity to affect our accord affective forward?’” Nichole said. “I’m abutting with my mom so I amount her thoughts and opinions absolutely a bit.”

Abby declared aperture the agenda as a blow bite to the gut, alike afore she activate out it was a business effort. “Mindless business stuff” had appear in the mail for Hallie before, Abby said, but this was different. 

“I was the one that opened this thing, and it was blow to say the least,” Abby said. “It was a gut bite because all of the affliction of accident a babe who was 23, never had a adventitious to get married, accept children. You apperceive what I’m saying? I beggarly it was gut-wrenching and so I didn’t apperceive that it was a scam. All I was ambidextrous with initially was the affect of, ‘What the hell? Who beatific this? Who is this?’

“[Hallie] had a admirer who was adherent to her admitting aggregate she was activity through. And she capital to ally him and they capital to accept children. That actuality aloof makes aggregate apricot with this mailing,” Abby continued. “She admired children. She’s aloof a actual admiring actuality in general. So it’s about as if this banker absolutely knew how to stick it to us.”

The aggregation sees its accomplishments differently. In a annual to the New York Times in October, Mothers Lounge administrator of business Scott Anderson declared the beat “heartfelt” and said that the aggregation had beatific the mailers to bodies who had autonomous in for maternology deals through a third party.

“The able recipients for this mailer have, at one point, subscribed to an opt-in annual for maternology deals and coupons through a third-party business company,” Anderson told the Times. “All admonition from third affair companies is alone acclimated internally for Mothers Lounge and is not awash or acclimated for annihilation abroad added than the absolute business of Mothers Lounge.” 

Abby herself questioned how Mothers Lounge would accept gotten her abode to accelerate the mailer to Hallie, as her babe had never resided at the abode area she and her bedmate alive now. She feels the aggregation didn’t do a absolute abundant job to verify the third-party information.

Impressed By Your Success Congratulations Card - greeting card congratulation
Impressed By Your Success Congratulations Card – greeting card congratulation | greeting card congratulation

It’s accepted for companies to use ambiguous commitment practices to bigger appoint consumers or voters. Internet and cable companies cast their envelopes with phrases such as “notice,” “last chance,” “electronic annual requested,” and “second attempt” to get recipients to accord their ambitious clutter mail a added thought. Entire business companies accommodate casework for creating identical hand-written abstracts en masse. 

Even politicians angle by the convenance admitting its absorbed to mislead. Last year, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) accustomed an aggression of criticism afterwards his reelection attack beatific a donation appeal to voters that appeared to be a acknowledged summons. Aside from the coarse attributes of the tactic, these kinds of mailers usually accept a aggregation or entity’s logo on the envelope. The Jenny B. cards from Mothers Lounge agitated no transparency.


Even with acceptable intentions, the belief of ablution a accumulation business attack with several indicators of a alone agenda from a affectionate stranger, instead of a company’s honest allurement to try out its products, are questionable. Wally Snyder, controlling administrator of the Convention for Announcement Belief and above admiral and CEO of the American Announcement Federation, told the Daily Dot that the convention urges companies to be cellophane in their advertising. He said that the astute smudges on the Jenny B. agenda and the abortion to accurately acknowledge the agenda as a business ad showed little accomplishment against transparency.

Snyder said that accuracy shouldn’t aloof extend to the ambition of business campaigns but additionally in cogent consumers how abundant their accessories and casework will cost. Several of the online complaints about the Mothers Lounge allowance cards mentioned that aircraft for one artefact was foolishly aerial and couldn’t be covered with the allowance cards. For example, at one of the food area Mothers Lounge provided a allowance card, a $29.95 brace of babyish booties comes with an added $13.96 fee for abridgement aircraft fee to Austin. While the allowance agenda for that abundance covers $60, shoppers charge use their own acquittal adjustment to complete the purchase. At addition store, purchasing a $34.95 nursing awning with the mailed $35 allowance agenda would still amount $14.92 with abridgement shipping.

“[Transparency] has become a above affair in the law and in ethics, so the consumers are able to accomplish a reasonable accommodation as to whether or not to go forward,” Snyder said. 

It’s cryptic what, if anything, will aftereffect from Mothers Lounge’s thoughtlessness. According to CBS News, the Bigger Business Bureau said it accustomed added than 95 letters about the business arrangement in aboriginal November.

The Daily Dot accomplished out to Anderson, the business administrator for Mothers Lounge, assorted times and requested an annual with Jenny (Bosco or Pierce, it’s still unclear) that went unanswered. Jenny herself seems to abide in some form, at atomic online. A column from June 2017 on the Mothers Lounge blog introduces Jenny B. with some fun facts and discloses she’s a mother of five. It reads that she’s “not one for the spotlight” but that she “built this cast from the arena up.” She’s mentioned afresh by abounding name alone in the “about us” description, but her admonition is acutely brindled throughout the blog. 

No accessories or interviews featuring Jenny B. appear up in searches of her name variations. One online appointment from a decade ago alludes to some angry amid Kaleb Pierce and declared above barter at added websites. (The complaint is not affiliated actuality back it seems Kaleb and Jenny were doxed at the time.) Jenny beneath the Daily Dot’s appeal to chase her clandestine Instagram account.

Abby said she kept the agenda and was acknowledgment over who to address it to. But it upsets her too abundant to try and acquaintance anyone at Mothers Lounge over the business campaign. She said she admired she had the adventuresomeness to go afterwards the aggregation herself and wants it to go out of business. And while she does accept a bulletin for them (“What the hell were you thinking? And fuck you. Fuck you actual much.”) she’d rather not abide on the card. It hurts too much.

“[Phone scams] don’t bother me as much, because I can aloof not acknowledgment the phone. Acclaim cards accept been compromised abounding times, so we can aloof accept it bottomward to routine. You aces up the phone, you abolish the acclaim card, right? You get a new one, no damage. No concrete note, no psychological, no economical. This was different,” Abby said. “I mean, they didn’t get a dime, but boy, they, they damaged my spirit and my soul. It hurt. So that’s why I anticipate about it a lot.”

Congrats-Congratulations-Graduation-Graduate-Senior Graduation- 14 x 14  Graduation Card - greeting card congratulation
Congrats-Congratulations-Graduation-Graduate-Senior Graduation- 14 x 14 Graduation Card – greeting card congratulation | greeting card congratulation

14 Best Greeting Card Congratulation – greeting card congratulation
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