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Advance Eid Mubarak Bangla 14||gif card||Eid Advance ..
Advance Eid Mubarak Bangla 14||gif card||Eid Advance ..

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Ravish Kumar delivers a accent on adequate the Ramon Magsaysay award

Eid Ul Adha Card Bangla - Surat CC - bangla eid card 2018
Eid Ul Adha Card Bangla – Surat CC – bangla eid card 2018 | bangla eid card 2018

NDTV’s Ravish Kumar, afterwards adequate the celebrated Ramon Magsaysay Accolade for 2019, delivered a accent on “The Ability of Citizen’s journalism to Advance Democracy”, in the Philippines. He won the accolade for “harnessing journalism to accordance articulation to the voiceless” and his “unfaltering charge to a professional, ethical journalism of the accomplished standards”.

Here is the abounding argument of Ravish Kumar’s speech:


India has baffled the moon. In this actual appreciative moment, I am attractive at the moon and at the arena below my anxiety simultaneously. My streets accept craters and potholes which outnumber the moon. Beyond the world, democracies on blaze in ample aurora are appetite the breach of the moon. But this blaze can abandoned by abolished with advice that is accurate and with courage, not by bald rhetoric. The added accurate our information, the added the assurance aural our citizenry.

Information helps body nations. Fake news, announcement and apocryphal history on the added duke helps actualize mobs. I’m beholden to the Ramon Magasaysay Foundation for giving me this befalling to put my angle to the added genitalia of the world. As you apperceive that I am a accurate Hindiwala and for your account my accompany accept translated this lecture in English, so absolution my accentuation and some confused accessories in my lecture.

Two months ago, I was animate on my circadian advertisement in my bend arrangement aback I accustomed a alarm on my corpuscle phone. The addition ID flashed an alien all-embracing cardinal from the Philippines. I was assertive it was a advertisement calling. For some reason, a lot of my advertisement calling cartage comes from the Philippines. If they are all absolutely active in Philippines again I’d like to booty this befalling to adequate them. I am actuality now.

Anyway, advancing aback to that day, I angry about to my aide and asked her if she’d be absorbed in alert to the accent acclimated by my trolls. I put my buzz on loudspeaker and from the added end, was greeted by a changeable articulation which asked “May I amuse allege to Mr Ravish Kumar?”. I accept accustomed bags of calls from trolls in my activity but never from a woman. I bound shut off the apostle and put the buzz adjoin my ear. In adult English, the woman abreast me that I won the Ramon Magasaysay Award.

Flash advanced to aback I’m actuality with you. I am not actuality alone. I accept brought the absolute apple of Hindi journalism practised by Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi and Peer Munis Mohammad.

We are active in testing times, as journalists and as accepted citizens. Our citizenship itself is on balloon appropriate now and accomplish no aberration about it, we charge to activity back. We charge to amend our duties and responsibilities as citizens. I accept that in today’s times aback the advance on our citizenship is all-embracing and the state’s surveillance accoutrement is added ascendant than ever, the individuals or groups who are able to bear this aggression and appear stronger from it, will be the ones who lay the foundation for a bigger citizenry and for that matter, maybe alike bigger governments in the future.

Our apple is abounding with such bent citizens already who in animosity of accepted abhorrence and a bogus advice deficit, accept called to activity aback and blossom like the cactus annual does in the bosom of a arid hopeless desert. Standing abandoned and amidst by the anytime addition arid on all sides, the cactus doesn’t anticipate about the acceptation of its existence: it stands there to let you apperceive that it’s possible. Wherever the abundant plains of capitalism are actuality subverted into deserts, the exercise of citizenship and the activity for the affirmation over – and appropriate to – advice accept become perilous, but not impossible.

Citizenship finer requires a chargeless breeze of absolute information. The accompaniment today has accustomed abounding ascendancy over the media and the corporations. The association of this ascendancy over the media and in about-face your advice breeze is that it banned and anchorage the ambit of your citizenship. In added words, the media controls assortment of the account stories, and specifies what estimation of account contest are acceptable. The media is now a allotment of the surveillance state. It isn’t the fourth acreage anymore, but the aboriginal estate.

News approach debates booty abode aural a cant of absolute bellicism wherein they seek to alter the aggregate history and anamnesis of the nation with that of the cardinal party’s in their viewers’ minds. There are abandoned two types of bodies in this account cosmos narrative: the anti-nationals and us. It’s the archetypal “us” and “them” technique. They acquaint us that the botheration with Anti-nationals is that they ask questions, disagree, and dissent. Altercation is the aatma [spirit, soul, or essence] of capitalism and citizenship. The autonomous aatma is beneath adamant advance every day. Aback citizenship is beneath blackmail or aback its actual acceptation has been altered, again what happens to the attributes of a citizen’s journalism? Both are citizens: those who affirmation to allege as the nation, and the victims of their derision.

There are abounding countries in the apple breadth this regime, which co-opts the attorneys too, has acquired angary amidst people. And yet, aback we see what’s accident in Hong Kong and in Kashmir, you realise that bodies are still out there angry for their citizenship. Do you apperceive why the millions of bodies angry for capitalism in Hong Kong abdicate agreeable media? Because they could no best assurance a accent that they apperceive their government speaks bigger than them. And so they created their own accent and announced beef strategies and approach in this newfound syntax. This is an avant-garde eyes of the activity for citizenship.

In adjustment to save their rights, the citizens of Hong Kong are creating (parallel/similar) spaces breadth lakhs of bodies now allocution in a new register. Breadth they activity in new, avant-garde agency and accumulate at and banish from beef sites in a amount of minutes. Breadth they accept created their own apps and accept adapted the use of cyberbanking metro-cards. They accept adapted their phones’ SIM cards. The citizens of Hong Kong accept challenged the government’s accomplishment to cede citizenship alveolate by refashioning altar of ascendancy into accessories of liberation. The citizens of Hong Kong were accommodating and able to extricate themselves from the absolute arrangement of information. This tells us that the accompaniment has not yet defeated citizenship.

Eid mubarak bangla song - YouTube - bangla eid card 2018
Eid mubarak bangla song – YouTube – bangla eid card 2018 | bangla eid card 2018

Kashmir is addition story. An advice and advice blackout imposed for several weeks. Added than 10 actor bodies cut off from any advice barter whatsoever. There was an internet shutdown. Mobiles were rendered useless. Can you brainstorm a aborigine afterwards information? What happens aback the media, which is meant to gather, activity and advertisement information, supports the abeyance of all sources of information? In accomplishing so, the media stands adjoin the aborigine who is aggravating to apprentice about the apple about her – not as a amount of curiosity, but for her adaptation and her family’s well-being.

It is an adverse accompaniment that best of India’s neighbours are additionally its neighbours on the columnist abandon index. India, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar – all abatement aural 50 ranks of anniversary other, appropriate at the basal of the all-embracing columnist abandon basis appear by reporters afterwards borders. Abandon can accept assorted manifestations. There is the abandon of adage what one wants. Again there is the abandon of actuality able to debris what one does not appetite to say. There is the abandon of actuality able to adjudge the advance of one’s accent and thought, and actuality I am apropos accurately to the media. Note actuality that I am talking actuality about two of the best important nations in the Indian subcontinent.

A few canicule ago, activity through my Twitter feed, I encountered a notification issued by the Pakistani cyberbanking media authoritative ascendancy which gave ablaze admonition to the country’s account channels on advertisement the bearings in Kashmir. Actual appropriately (and un-ironically) blue-blooded ‘Advice’, the admonition in the notification included suspending all Eid celebrations as a badge of mourning, advertisement account of Indian atrocities on minorities, telecasting account which was in adherence with Kashmiris and celebratory 15th August as a atramentous day.

It was specific to the admeasurement of advising the use of abandoned atramentous and white colours on TV approach logos on the15th, which happens to be India’s Ability Day. One wonders how such admonition are to be followed. The beheld ball of the television awning relies heavily on its use of colours – ablaze reds and greens and yellows. I admiration how Pakistani account channels managed to assignment on the 15th with such a bound colour spectrum, aback afterpiece home in India, I cannot brainstorm Indian TV channels to run their logos and cartoon in beneath than 10 colours and shapes at any accustomed point in the day.

One alone has to attending at the affectionate of account which are acclimated on Indian TV channels with account to Pakistan. Every night, our 8 or 9pm account shows architecture flashy, apocalyptic headlines, about-face every allotment of accidental account into an insult for Pakistan and accumulate admirers absorbed while they accept their banquet beneath the arrant cacophony of these anchors and their panelists shouting themselves hoarse. Recently, the Columnist Council of India beatific an appliance to our Supreme Court, acknowledging the media ban in the Kashmir valley, citation its charge appear civic absorption and befitting up “high standards of accessible taste”. The Editor’s Guild took cognisance of the amount and issued a letter accusatory the Columnist Council adage the Council was animate adjoin journalists.

Naturally, the Columnist Council backtracked and issued a statement, advertence in adventurous belletrist that it does not abutment restrictions on the media. Such incidents are about agreeable in their occurrence, but accept graver implications on our freedoms as admirers and citizens. Abandon actuality has become a farce. Aback those that are meant to aegis the reporter’s appropriate to address accomplish a apology of abandon in such an accessible way, not abandoned is our intelligence as admirers insulted, but the actual acuteness of aborigine journalism begins to weaken.

When boilerplate journalism can neither abutment its own rights nor the arduous abstraction of journalism, aborigine journalists and aborigine journalism both are beneath a connected (existential) threat. The blackmail actuality is not alone on the applied implications of reportage, viewership or banking sustenance, but additionally on the atmosphere which should not accredit the advance and breeding of such affectation and bankruptcy. Such media – and may I go so far as to affirmation that its audiences too – cannot angle by accurate advice and adamantine facts, be it anywhere in the world. It has confused so far abroad from its basal ethics and advance that it was absurd on, that it will, and it already does, abort to see the irony and tragedy in the cases that I accept aloof listed.

This is the aforementioned media that answer “citizen journalism” to abate operating costs for itself. It outsourced its accident to you. Aborigine journalism aural boilerplate journalism is altered from aborigine journalism alfresco boilerplate journalism. In the aboriginal canicule of agreeable media aback bodies began allurement adamantine questions online, the old academy media houses had angry adjoin agreeable media and critiqued it.

Blogs and websites were blocked axial newsrooms. Alike today, several newsrooms do not acquiesce reporters to accurate their claimed opinion. It is addition amount however, that aback the 24-year old woman ‘Riverbend’ started documenting the Iraq war and its confusion in the anatomy of accustomed blogs and which was afterwards appear as the 2005 book Baghdad Burning: Babe Blog from Iraq, arresting media houses from about the apple conceded that their reporters could not accept done what this bearding babe had done through agreeable media.

Today if a Kashmiri babe absitively to address a blog on the curve of Baghdad burning, our boilerplate media would characterization her as anti-national. The media today is added delegitimising the amplitude of aborigine journalism because it is not absorbed or invested in journalism. Beneath the apparel of journalism, the media is today the comprador of the state.

In my opinion, aborigine journalism is the charge of the hour aback the media and boilerplate journalism about-face adverse to information. Aback the advance for advice itself is declared as anti-national, and altercation is decried as treason, ‘testing time’ is a acquiescent delicacy for breadth we are today.

When the media turns adjoin the citizen, again it’s time for the citizens to booty on the role of the media. She has to do so animate that the affairs of success are abbreviate in these times of accompaniment atrocity and surveillance. The accompaniment has added actuality blurred and blocking information. The boilerplate media seeks accumulation maximisation aloft aggregate abroad and this atypical motive compels it to serve as a PR abettor of the state. Government announcement forms a huge block of acquirement for the media today. Aborigine journalism, on the added hand, is disturbing to survive absolutely on accessible abutment whilst blockage alfresco the web of the government advocacy and advertisers.

India’s boilerplate media is animate night and day to catechumen our citizens into “post-illiterates”. It has accustomed up on aggravating to catechumen awesome beings into rational cerebration beings. Its abridgement is comprised of blundering bellicism and communalism. The boilerplate media has amorphous to accede the state’s anecdotal as accurate information. There are abundant channels on television but the address and agreeable of account on all these channels is the same. Opposition is a aspersing chat for this media.

India is a abundant nation, and it has arresting achievements to appearance for it that are pre-eminent in the world. However, a majority of its boilerplate and television media has gone to the dogs. Indian citizens acquire a abundant affection for democracy, but every night account channels access to bruise over that passion. While black in India may access with the ambience of the sun, it is the reportage from account media that spreads the black of night.

Bangla eid mubarak sms shayari,Best bangla eid mubarak sms ..
Bangla eid mubarak sms shayari,Best bangla eid mubarak sms .. | bangla eid card 2018

Democracy is absolutely animate and blame amid the bodies of India. Every day, there are boisterous demonstrations adjoin the government, but the media has a screening activity wherein it decides to accumulate these protests out of their bulletin. There is no reportage of these protests, aback for the media they are a abortive activity. No capitalism can be a capitalism afterwards accessible demonstrations.

As a result, the bodies complex in these demonstrations accept now amorphous recording videos themselves. In these videos recorded on their phones, they booty on the role of journalists themselves, accouterment a break-down of the arena of action, afterwards administration the videos on the WhatsApp groups of the participants in the demonstration.

The analogue of citizenship trumpeted by the media doesn’t acquiesce for the adopting of slogans adjoin the state. This is why citizens are attempting to bottle that capital allotment of themselves by creating videos for their WhatsApp groups. They activate to upload their videos on YouTube. Agitators activate to convenance aborigine journalism. By uploading their videos on YouTube, agitators accept become aborigine journalists.

When the accompaniment and media affiliate to ascendancy citizens, is it accessible for a aborigine to be able to act as a journalist? To be a aborigine and exercise the associated rights, it requires a arrangement that has to be provided for by the aforementioned capitalism that the aborigine belongs to.  If the judiciary, police, and media become adverse appear the citizen, and the allotment of association that is accumbent with [is/indistinguishable from] the accompaniment begins excluding them, how abundant can we apprehend a defenceless aborigine to fight? Yet, the aborigine is angry back. The cactus is advancing alive.

Every day I accept about 500-1000 belletrist on WhatsApp, sometimes more. In every additional message, people, alongside their problems, additionally address about what journalism agency to them. Boilerplate media may able-bodied accept abandoned what journalism is, but the bodies bethink how it should be defined. Every time I accessible my WhatsApp to analysis for updates on my arrangement group, I never alike accomplish it that far.

Instead I get bent up in the belletrist from bags of bodies administration their news. Trolls publicised my cardinal in an advance to accelerate corruption my way. The corruption arrived, as did threats. They abide to. But so did the people, bringing with them their belief and account from their regions. Belief and account that, in the compassionate of account channels, were accomplished and irrelevant. Aback they face agitation themselves the admirers of these boilerplate account channels realise what journalism means. The acceptation of journalism has not yet been asleep from their minds.

When the cardinal affair boycotted my show, all paths were bankrupt to me. At that time, it was these bodies who abounding my appearance with their issues. As the boilerplate media advance the apparition of a activity media amid the bodies by outsourcing alike choir adjoin journalism and ability in the name of aborigine journalism, this accumulation of citizens fabricated me a aborigine announcer aural boilerplate media. This is the approaching of the media. Its journalists charge to become aborigine journalists aloof so that bodies can be citizens.

While accepted bodies were actuality asleep from account channels and a distinct political calendar was actuality shoved bottomward their throats, some bodies didn’t stop aggravating to breach chargeless of this nexus. In the bosom of all the corruption and intimidation, the cardinal of belletrist authoritative demands on the government started rising. I started accepting trolled by the issues of the people. “Will you not allege up for us? Are you abashed of the government?” they asked me, incessantly.

I started alert to them. Prime Time’s attitude changed. Bags of adolescent men and women began to bulletin me, cogent me how axial and accompaniment administrations would not achieve examinations for government jobs alike 2 or 3 years afterwards they were declared. Job arrangement belletrist would not be beatific alike afterwards after-effects were published. If I were to ballpark the cardinal of youngsters complex in all these exams, again the cardinal of men and women cat-and-mouse for their after-effects would appear to about one crore/ten million.

The appulse of Prime Time’s “job series” was anon acquainted and abounding awaiting assay after-effects were appear and arrangement belletrist issued. As backward as 2018, Bihar, the accompaniment that I appear from, had not appear after-effects of exams conducted in 2014. My WhatsApp cardinal has become a accessible newsroom. Aback my abstruse sources aural political parties and the government began to ambit themselves from me, the accessible became my accessible resource.

Prime Time has become added codicillary on people’s WhatsApp belletrist for its composition/creation. This was our abolishment of the WhatsApp advance launched by those in ability adjoin me. On the one hand, affair “IT cells” advance common abhorrence and ageism by bombarding advertisement lists and groups with millions of messages, and on the added duke absolute account was travelling to me through the aforementioned medium.

My newsroom has confused from NDTV’s newsroom to actuality amid the people. There is still achievement for India’s capitalism because neither accept bodies accustomed up on their expectations from the government, nor accept they chock-full assuming questions to the government. That is the acumen why they are attractive for an aperture in boilerplate media.

While the boilerplate media parroted the falsehoods that Indian universities were ascent in all-around rankings, acceptance from amaranthine colleges beatific me their classroom and agents strengths. Had these acceptance not approached me, how could I accept accomplished out to a academy with 10 or 20 agents and 10,000 students? Journalism is never complete afterwards citizens and citizenship; it is an exercise of the closing in the account of the former. In times aback the media was defining the aborigine per the state’s parameters, citizens began to ascertain me in their terms. The cactus’ flowers of achievement began to blossom in this democracy.

I still bethink the bulletin I accustomed from a babe in Chandigarh. She was watching Prime Time aback her ancestor angry off the television. She did not heed her ancestor and went on watching the show. She is a aborigine of India’s democracy. As continued as that babe is there, capitalism will be able to beat the challenges in advanced of it. I appetite to acknowledgment actuality the abounding bodies who trolled me and abused me, but again apologised of their own accord.

Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS, Bangla Eid SMS 14 - bangla eid card 2018
Bangla Eid Mubarak SMS, Bangla Eid SMS 14 – bangla eid card 2018 | bangla eid card 2018

If I accept accustomed lakhs of abuses again I accept accustomed bags of such belletrist too. I additionally bethink the boy from Maharashtra who was so addled by the abhorrence actuality spouted on a account agitation on his shop’s television that he larboard to acquisition confinement elsewhere. Aback he approved to watch Prime Time at home, his brother and ancestor insisted he about-face it off because they said I was anti-national. The boilerplate media and the IT corpuscle accept run this advance adjoin me. And they accept run it well, for the accommodating acquiescence of citizens in akin the advice accessible to them is a assurance of legitimised abandonment – abdication.

I say this because in adjustment to be a aborigine announcer today, you accept to advance with the accompaniment and the aborigine who is behaving per the state’s desires. The claiming is not alone the state, but in according and generally greater admeasurement those who accept acted to supplement its will: the bodies who booty it aloft themselves to accomplish atrocities that they anticipate the accompaniment is too accountable to perform.

Media and agreeable media accord to the activity of isolating, silencing, and alarming citizens by agreement them in the bosom of mobs, basic and real. The acumen of accident rises – and the acquaintance of abhorrence paralyses. Today’s citizens are beneath immense pressure. The claiming afore them is to acquisition out how to activity adjoin this media, which runs its business in their name.

We are at that moment in time aback bodies will accept to advance adjoin the barricade of the media if they appetite to ability the government. Otherwise their articulation will abide to abode WhatsApp inboxes. The bodies will accept to aboriginal become citizens and again admonish the accompaniment that its duties additionally entail the conception and adorning of an atmosphere of adventurousness breadth citizenship can flourish.

The government is additionally amenable for creating an atmosphere breadth the accompaniment can be questioned. You can appraise a government abandoned aback the media is absolute and chargeless during its time. Afterwards information, the abutting in band beneath advance is history, which gives us our strengths and our inspirations. That history is actuality snatched abroad from us.

It was the aforementioned during the ability movement. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, Pir Muhammad Yunus; the account is endless. They were all aborigine journalists. In 1917, during the canicule of the Champaran satyagraha, Mahatma Gandhi told the columnist in a letter to not appear to Champaran for a few canicule and to break abroad from the area. He again started affair farmers and alert to their stories. The bodies of Champaran fabricated a newsroom about Gandhi. They started cogent him about their complaints and provided proof. The history of India’s ability advance from again on is there for all to see.

No nation could abide afterwards news. The nation as a association came about because the belief of those we anticipation our own stoked our imagination. Every nation is different. The affair – and affair – for the abundance of others, and abnormally the weakest amid us fabricated our advance for ability special. It is of absolute accent for any nation that advice be factual. If advice is not accurate and factual, assurance amid citizens will diminish. And that is why there is a acute charge for aborigine journalism already again: journalism that is absolute of the business action of boilerplate media.

Even in these times of anguish there are abundant bodies who are aggravating to ample this gap. From comedians to YouTube channels, they accept approved to accumulate the aspect of journalism alive: an exercise of citizenship in the account of citizens. It is their backbone and assurance which has not let aggregate become biased in India’s democracy. Alike if they may accept not won the action (yet), the bodies abide to fight.

In his adoration affair on the 12th of April 1947, Mahatma Gandhi discussed newspapers. His comments can absolutely be absolutely advantageous for today’s alienated media. Gandhi anecdotal how a arch bi-weekly of the time had appear a address alleging that no one in the Congress Animate Committee was advantageous any heed to him. He responded by adage that if the newspapers were not activity to be accurate again India’s abandon was of no use. Newspapers are afraid today. Any criticism is misconstrued into an accusation adjoin the nation.

My criticism of the boilerplate media, and in accurate of account channels, is advised for the sole purpose of my abundant country. India’s newspapers and account channels abet and abet battle amid communities. Gandhi had said – you should bandy abroad these abject newspapers. If you appetite any news/information, ask anniversary other. If you do appetite to read, again anxiously accept those newspapers which are actuality run in the account of Indians/India’s citizens. Those that advise Hindus and Muslims to break together. Had Gandhi been animate today he would accept said what he did on the 12th of April 1947, and what I am repeating actuality today.

We are in burning charge of Aborigine Journalists during today’s times but alike added than that we charge the Aborigine Democractic.

I would like to acknowledge the millions of admirers who watch NDTV. I am cerebration about all my colleagues at NDTV. I am cerebration about Dr Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. My journalism is in Hindi but I accept accustomed adulation beyond all languages in India – Marathi, Gujrati, Malayalam, Bangla – I accord to everyone.

India angry me into a citizen. I’ll consistently bethink my History professors. I am additionally cerebration about my idol Anupam Mishra who came to Manila with Chandi Prasad Bhatt. I absence Anupamji a lot. My acquaintance Anurag is here. My daughters and my activity accomplice Nayana is here. I accept absolved in Nayana’s footsteps to access here. I achievement you too will chase in the footsteps of able women. I achievement you become acceptable citizens.

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Eid Mubarak 14 – Eid Bangla Song 14 Best Voice – YouTube – bangla eid card 2018 | bangla eid card 2018
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Bangla eid mubarak sms shayari,Best bangla eid mubarak sms .. | bangla eid card 2018
Bangla eid mubarak sms shayari,Best bangla eid mubarak sms ..
Bangla eid mubarak sms shayari,Best bangla eid mubarak sms .. | bangla eid card 2018
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Advance Eid Mubarak Bangla 14||gif card||Eid Advance .. | bangla eid card 2018