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The delay is over. The U.S. Abode of Representatives has transmitted the Articles of Allegation to the Senate and alleged Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler as prosecutors for the allegation trial. Plus, afterwards the Internet uproar over rapper T.I’s acceptance that he takes his babe to the gynecologist for a annual virginity test, San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, aftermost week, alien a bill that would accomplish such a convenance illegal. Also, the V.A.’s new smoker ban, while hailed by bloom advocates, is authoritative it a difficult alteration for some patients, visitors and workers. And, dinosaurs accept been abolished for added than 65 actor years but one San Diego archaeologian helped to ascertain a new breed of microraptors that is 120 actor years old. Finally, San Diego History Center is embarking on a above activity to browse actual photos of Black activity in San Diego and bottle them for posterity.

Creating A Colorful Thank You Card | | - thank you card kit
Creating A Colorful Thank You Card | | – thank you card kit | thank you card kit

Speaker 1: 00:00 Assemblywoman. Lorena Gonzalez, who’s calling for a statewide ban on alleged virginity testing, Gonzalez alien accumulation bill 1909 aftermost week. It will accountable physicians who accomplish the assay to able delinquency penalties. Here’s Gonzales. It’s a uh, anyone but a doctor performed this action if you will, they, they would be accusable of beastly assault. And so, um, aback there’s no medically authentic or justified reason, um, to do this examination, uh, we anticipate it’s time to, to ensure that doctors additionally don’t do it. The convenance came into the spotlight aback rapper T I said he took his babe to the gynecologist annual to analysis her hymen to see if she had intercourse. Sophia Jones is an editor and announcer with the fuller project, a journalism nonprofit advertisement on issues impacting women. She wrote a allotment of Marie-Claire on the convenance and joins us now. Sophia, welcome. Acknowledge you. First, what do we apperceive about how accepted these alleged virginity analysis are and how accepted are they in the United States?

Speaker 1: 01:03 That’s a absolutely difficult catechism to answer. I beggarly there, there isn’t actual abundant abstracts at all and it’s a actual backstairs affair captivated up in hundreds of years in Assad money and shame. And I interviewed several dozen girls, women, medical professionals, advisers who say that it’s absolutely accident in the United States. It’s been accident for a continued time and there aloof isn’t much, um, apprenticeship about the hymen in accepted and that it’s abundantly accident in secret. I’m analytical to know, is this alleged analysis added accepted amid various, um, groups of bodies actuality in the U S than others? Aback I set out to do this reporting, I affected that it would be added accepted in assertive religious communities. But what I begin was that it’s absolutely adequately widespread. And of advance the abstracts is actual difficult to get for a actual backstairs a affair like virginity testing. But I was speaking with, um, women beyond religious and socioeconomic groups beyond the United States who said that this was accident to them.

Speaker 1: 02:05 And what do these tests involve? Usually it involves a hymen assay in which a babe or woman would go into a doctor’s office. Um, sometimes it doesn’t appear in doctor’s offices. It ability aloof appear in a home breadth a woman would absolutely accept to advance her legs and the actuality would audit their hymen in an attack to actuate if they are a Virgin or not, which of advance is not scientifically authentic at all. And does, um, some bodies say it’s abusive. Right. And, and as you mentioned, these tests can absolutely acquaint you whether addition is a Virgin or not. Um, can you explain to us why that is? Sure. So there, there is no cast of virginity in men or women and a lot of bodies don’t apperceive that. They ability not accept been accomplished that in academy or as adults, but there is no accurate way to prove if anyone is a Virgin.

Speaker 1: 02:55 Virginity is abundantly a amusing assemble and the hymen itself, um, can, can change shapes and it, um, some girls can accept their aerial coach in aback they’re arena sports. Some women abundant afterwards in life, still accept a relatively, uh, adduce unquote complete hymen. Um, so it absolutely aloof depends. And you batten to a woman who told you that there’s alleged virginity analysis was a alarming acquaintance for her. Can you acquaint us about the woman you accredit to as B in your Marie-Claire adventure on the subject? Sure. So she was a actual adolescent woman, a jailbait aback she had to abide a virginity analysis and she absolutely referred to the analysis as abduction by instrument. It was, um, article that her, her mother affected her into at a actual adolescent age. And she has struggled her absolute activity with, with accepting over this trauma. And she’s still in analysis because of it.

Speaker 1: 03:48 And a lot of the women that I’ve appear with say that it, it badly impacted their life. For some women, this is accident at a actual adolescent age. They ability be, you know, beneath the age of 15 for others it’s accident as adults. These tests can additionally advance to beastly corruption not actuality taken seriously. Can you allocution to us a bit about that? Sure. Over the advance of my advertisement over months, I baldheaded absolutely a few hasty cloister cases over decades, alike in the aftermost few years in which, uh, aegis attorneys and courtrooms accept used, uh, abduction kits and Hyman exams as an attack to say that abduction or beastly abandon did not action because the babe or a woman’s Hyman was adduce unquote intact. And of advance there is no accurate abject for this. So it’s aloof a way to try to avert beastly abandon and rape.

Speaker 1: 04:38 And the apple bloom alignment has alleged on governments accepted to ban the convenance and some have, uh, have, but aural the United States, abandoned New York and now California are in the action of banning it. Do we apperceive why the United States has been so apathetic to ban the practice? I anticipate this affair has abundantly been kept secret. I mean, afore I, afore I pursued this reporting, there had been absolutely no advertisement on it. And the abandoned acumen why I pursued it was because I was attractive into a adventure in Afghanistan about women in the North of the country who had been confined for declining virginity exams. And I started to ability out in the U S seeing if this was accident at all. And what I begin was that it was, but it was about absolutely kept secret. Are there any medical organizations that accommodate advice to physicians on whether or not to conduct these alleged virginity tests?

Speaker 1: 05:26 Appropriate now, no. Medical organizations accommodate bright guidelines on abstention testing or, or hymen a plasti is, which are, um, artificial anaplasty in adjustment to, uh, charm a aerial men and girls and women. Um, but appropriate now, no medical organizations accommodate guidance, which, which leads to a lot of gray area. Aback physicians are asked to accomplish these exams, abandoned two States accept had proposed legislation that would ban, uh, virginity testing. So this leaves a lot of gray area, the country in which physicians accept to actuate whether or not they should accomplish an assay or what they should absolutely do to assure girls and women. And you batten to physicians who accept been asked to accomplish this alleged analysis on their patients. Um, what did they acquaint you about their experiences? I batten with absolutely a few physicians who had been asked for analysis Hyman exams and some of them said that they candidly didn’t apperceive how to respond.

Speaker 1: 06:23 And so some of them absolutely did accomplish the exams. Some did not and acclimated it as array of an educational opportunity. But others said that they’ve performed the exams because they afraid if they didn’t, it would absolutely advance to added abuse for the babe or for the woman. Based on your reporting, what would you achievement to see appear at atomic in the medical association in agreement of advice on this? A lot of experts in women’s rights activists I’ve appear with accept said that, um, footfall one could be legislating, although there are a lot of opinions about that. But footfall two absolutely needs to be apprenticeship in schools. There needs to be acceptable beastly education, which girls and boys are accomplished about the changeable analysis and the aerial men and in communities and amid the physicians. There needs to be bigger apprenticeship about abaft men in general.

Speaker 1: 07:09 And what’s allegedly alike added ambiguous is that a woman’s account isn’t affronted to her virginity, correct? Yes. I mean, in a lot of, in a lot of aspects, it absolutely comes bottomward to a woman’s account is affronted to this, this baby affair in her anatomy that absolutely has, um, uh, no accent whatsoever. I mean, uh, hymens appear in all shapes and sizes. Some actual few women are not built-in with hymens at all. And so that in cloister accommodation and in doctor’s offices, a woman’s account is authentic by her aerial men is a acutely upsetting, and it doesn’t accept to be that way. I’ve been speaking with Sophia Jones and editor and announcer with the fuller project. Sophia, acknowledge you actual much. Acknowledge you.

Speaker 2: 07:56 [inaudible].

Speaker 1: 00:00 The administration of veterans diplomacy has banned smoker at its medical facilities, eliminating appointed smoker areas at hospitals and clinics. The change went into aftereffect for patients and visitors in October and as of January 1st it additionally includes employees. The VA is one of the aftermost medical providers to ban tobacco and it’s been a difficult alteration for some veterans from Tampa. Stephanie Colombini letters for the American Homefront project,

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Speaker 2: 00:30 70 year old air force veteran. Ronald West sits in his wheelchair aloof alfresco the fence that encloses the Tampa VA grounds. It’s a algid day for Florida, so he’s acid a sweatshirt, a winter hat and is captivated in a blanket. He lights up a Newport cigarette his additional aback wheeling himself out of his hospital allowance for a smoke. It was West third anniversary there for a analgesic bond abrasion and he says he comes out actuality a few times a day aback he’s no best accustomed to smoke on the property.

Speaker 3: 00:59 You’re absolutely sucks. You had appointed smoker areas and that’s what the veterans are aloof inherent to. But now no smoker on the campus. Appear on. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: 01:11 West isn’t abandoned on this sidewalk. The hospital fence is lined with smokers, best antic agent badges and acid scrubs additional a few added patients. Army veteran, Tom Rogers comes to the VA for his lung ache and added medical needs. He was affronted to acquisition out about the Smokefree policy.

Speaker 3: 01:28 The British got lives in Vietnam over 50 years ago and they acquaint him that he cannot be shaker [inaudible]

Speaker 2: 01:35 patients aren’t the abandoned ones griping. Aback the VA appear the ban would additionally administer to staff, the American Federation of government advisers filed a affliction adage it violates a abutment arrangement that allows workers to smoke in appointed areas. The affair was not anybody was afraid to those areas. According to dr Don Johnson, she promotes smoker abeyance at the Tampa VA. we had a lot of problems breadth patients would be walking in to their medical accessories and would accept to airing through bodies smoking, replacing smoker areas or signs throughout the campus, allegorical bodies about the change. There are still smokers who absence the message, but aback hospital badge or agents like Johnson atom them, they asked them to put out their cigarette and action quick cards. That account agency to get help. Eventually VA hospitals will accomplish the action with citations and fines, but abounding like Tampa’s are demography time to brainwash first.

Speaker 2: 02:31 Some of our patients abandoned appear actuality already a year and if they didn’t apprehend about it, we can authority them amenable for it. Smoker is already banned at bags of added healthcare facilities. Analysis shows that improves accessible bloom and doesn’t affect employer retention. Three added VA unions agreed to the change. Still smoker has continued been affiliated with aggressive culture. The centers for ache ascendancy and blockage says added than a third of veterans started application tobacco afterwards they the service, although beneath than 15% who use the VA smoke. Now adept Colleen Danielson was already smoker afore she abutting the Marines in the 80s but says it was a huge allotment of her life. I acclimated it, I anticipation as accent management, you know, in the Marines we we, we got a few added breach for, you know, aback we smoked alfresco a little bit more. Danielson abdicate algid Turkey years ago. Now she’s a VA associate abutment specialist who helps added vets quit. The VA additionally offers counseling, a helpline and nicotine backup articles like patches and gum.

Speaker 3: 03:37 [inaudible].

Speaker 2: 03:37 The two veterans smoker on the sidewalk say they accept no absorption in quitting. Still both say the action isn’t activity to stop them from activity to the VA. Ronald West,

Speaker 3: 03:47 there’s accompaniment rules and demography affliction of man. So you know, I’m following

Speaker 2: 03:53 bloom workers in Tampa. Say they’re not allurement every vet to abdicate smoking. Aloof do it on the added ancillary of the fence. Joining me is anchorman Stephanie Colombini with the American Homefront activity in Tampa. And Stephanie, acceptable to the program. Acknowledge you. The VA San Diego bloom affliction arrangement actuality additionally went to a smoke chargeless campus aback in October of aftermost year. Can you explain a bit added why the appointed smoker areas weren’t alive for the VA? Well, from what I heard from providers in Tampa, it was that they weren’t absolutely blockage designated. It’s affectionate of adamantine to accomplish that out, abnormally on these big hospital campuses. So affectionate of wherever there might’ve been a barbecue bank shore, um, you know, any abode to besiege outdoors, bodies were smoking. And so, you know, while they approved to actualize these appointed smoker areas in assertive corners of the campus, it was, you know, affectionate of a chargeless for all.

Speaker 2: 04:50 Alike aback I went to the Tampa campus afterwards the ban had been implemented, you know, I saw some bodies about the parking lots and you know, walking about smoker and that’s affectionate of allotment of what providers were saying. They’re still in the apprenticeship action and when, you know, they bolt addition accomplishing that, they acquaint them about the change, but it aloof shows that affectionate of bodies outdoors will smoke wherever they want. And so it was adamantine to accomplish that appointed area. It seems that change was met with the, some acrimony at the hospital you contour from both patients and staff. Yeah, and I noticed that affectionate of nationwide, I saw that in added cities and new England. Um, so altered letters where, you know, vets were agitated and a lot of it has to do with, you know, and what I heard from patients was I smoked in the military.

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Speaker 2: 05:36 You know, I’m, one guy told me that we heard in the story, we were in Vietnam risking our lives and now you’re cogent me I can’t accept a cigarette. And so, you know, there was a lot of frustration, um, with staff. I kinda got some off the almanac bickering, but I anticipate it was a little bit easier for, you know, advisers to booty their archetypal breach and aloof booty a airing alfresco the fence band and go smoke. I anticipate with veterans it’s a little added personal. Um, and there is that one abutment that is challenging. Um, this ban not absolutely auspiciously so far, but there are three added unions that did go forth with this policy. So it’s affectionate of a alloyed bag with um, advisers studies that show. Um, I’ve apparent studies that attending at how, um, hospitals that accept put in smoke-free campus policies, how that’s gone.

Speaker 2: 06:24 Um, usually it does accept majority abutment with patients and staff. So you know, you would apprehend the smokers would be the ones that are quick to gripe, but the bodies that don’t smoke are blessed about it. How far abroad from the hospital campus do the smokers accept to go to ablaze up? Absolutely depends breadth you are located. It’s a huge campus. So a lot of buildings. So if you’re in one of those barrio appropriate near, um, account there’s absolutely one ancillary of the ambit that is accessible to array of admission the artery and you’re continuing on the sidewalk and it’s accustomed everywhere else. You’re either bordering, you know, an accommodation circuitous or shopping’s you know, it’s not accessible to aloof get out the fence. So if you were on that one ancillary of the perimeter, maybe it’s like a bristles minute walk. But if you’re talking about actuality on the added bend of campus, that’s absolutely a hike.

Speaker 2: 07:13 Right. And it charge be difficult for nurses and doctors to watch a 70 year old accommodating in a wheelchair go out in the algid to smoke cigarettes. Is there any affectionate of action they ability use to stop those cravings in the hospital? There is um, I talked to, uh, dr Don Johnson who leads the smoker abeyance programs at the Tampa VA said for years the VA has offered nicotine backup to patients that, you know, they’re inpatient, they can’t get out of their bed. They’re allegedly activity to be starting to go through nicotine withdrawals. There are laws and judges, there’s patches, added forms of nicotine backup to advice barrier those cravings aural the hospital as able-bodied as counseling and whatever patients may need. But at the aforementioned time, you know, patients do accept the right, if a 70 year old accommodating is able to get about on his own and is saying, look, I accept no absorption in quitting.

Speaker 2: 08:08 I don’t appetite your nicotine replacement, again you know, they can’t stop him from activity out for a quick smoke. Do we accept any abstraction how acknowledged the VA programs accept been in accepting veterans to stop smoking? I saw some abstracts from 2016 that said about 25% of veterans went through, um, who accept gone through the VA programs did abdicate successfully. It wasn’t clear. You know, which adjustment they use, whether it was a mix of nicotine backup and counseling or one appointed program. But I accept apparent about, um, that was the one bulk I did see was uh, 25% providers I batten with said, you know, it is a solid mix and it, the bulk of VA users, um, veterans who use the VA who 14% is abundant lower than the 30% abstracts we apprehend from the CDC of how abounding veterans in accepted smoke. So, you know, they like to anticipate that that is due to some of the assets that they offer. And I’m abiding it is to a assertive extent, but it’s adamantine to say which veterans aren’t aloof abandonment algid Turkey or aren’t gluttonous the VA to advice with that process.

Speaker 1: 09:19 You referenced a veterans saying, uh, I went into the military, I abstruse how to smoke there. I risked my life. I’m, I’m advantaged to smoke. Is smoker as affiliated with aggressive ability now as it acclimated to be?

Speaker 2: 09:33 I would say no. And because, and smoker in general, I anticipate with, you know, noncombatant ability has not been what it acclimated to be. But, um, the latest abstracts I’ve apparent from the DOD was I accept 2011 was beneath than a division of alive assignment military, uh, smoke. I would brainstorm during the canicule of apple war II, Vietnam that bulk was abundant higher. Um, one affair I that came up in my analysis that was absorbing and I anticipate has a lot to do with maybe this accretion abstract amid smoker in the aggressive and, and affectionate of the administration of aegis demography an alive role in this up until 2016 was aback the aegis secretary issued a announcement adage that cigarettes awash on aggressive abject had to be, you know, aggressive with the community, whatever the bulk was in that, you know, burghal or boondocks is what the cigarettes bare to be.

Speaker 2: 10:26 So for above-mentioned to that, you could get cigarettes on a aggressive abject for abutting to nothing, you know, about bisected of what it would cost, bazaar rate. And so that was a big contributor. Alike veterans who had admission to the abject could go there to get bargain cigarettes. And so, you know, um, the centers for ache ascendancy says that the bulk of smoker is one of the better bridle to, you know, if you appetite to get bodies to quit, accession the price, accomplish it economically absurd for them to smoke, that’s one of the best acknowledged agency you can action smoker addiction. And so by the administration demography that step. Um, I’ve apparent letters that the sales of cigarettes accept alone about 50% in some branches of the military. Um, so I don’t accept the exact numbers for anniversary branch, but we accept apparent a abridgement in the bulk of cigarette purchases, and I’m abiding that’s because the bulk is higher.

Speaker 1: 11:16 Interesting. I’ve been talking with reporters, Stephanie Calambini, with the American Homefront activity and Stephanie, acknowledge you.

Speaker 2: 11:24 Acknowledge you.

Speaker 1: 00:00 The analysis of anachronistic basic has been accretion in contempo years as both technology and chase efforts advance about the world. But it’s still attenuate to ascertain a new breed of dinosaur. A archaeologian at San Diego accustomed history building is one of a aggregation of scientists who has apparent and articular a cast new blazon of dinosaur. The acquisition is actuality appear today in the associate analysis journal. The anatomical almanac artisan is a affiliate of that accurate team. Dr. Ashley column of the San Diego accustomed history museum. And Ashley, acceptable to the program. Hi, amusement to be here. Now acquaint us the backstory. If you would accept this new anachronistic species, breadth was it originally begin and how did you appear to assignment on it? There’s a allotment of Northern China which array of abuts the bound with the Koreas alleged Liaoning province. And in the mid nineties, there started to be a cardinal of absolutely absorbing discoveries there.

Speaker 1: 00:55 Um, and there was a fizz about this in the paleontological community. These were dinosaurs with accoutrement and not birds with feathers. Account as we apperceive and as our kids off to admonish us, dinosaurs, uh, gave acceleration to the birds, which agency the birds themselves are absolutely the survivors of that accumulation extinction. They themselves are dinosaurs, but these were able not bird dinosaurs that had feathers. Um, and so in contempo years, this has been absolutely a advance industry in the anachronistic community. Uh, there’s a lot of absolutely absorbing advice about this alteration has appear out of this allotment of China. So a cardinal of years ago, um, this case that I got the adventitious to assignment on was apparent and, uh, accustomed to the Dallian building of accustomed history, which is, uh, in the basic of this province. Um, and my adviser for my master’s, which I was accomplishing at the time at Montana accompaniment university, uh, had acceptable contacts with that building and they’d formed calm on a cardinal of projects.

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Speaker 1: 01:50 So dr Dave Rickio, um, at MSU was, uh, able to accept a altercation with their, uh, curators. And they arrive me to appear assignment on a specimen. And at the time we didn’t apperceive that it would about-face out to be this new species. What is the name of this new species? So we called it continued Bohai ANSYS, uh, oolong agency the dancing dragon and we array of called it that because we capital a name that was Chinese. Um, and the suffix continued acceptation dragon is article that has array of been the Chinese adaptation of Saurus if you’ve heard of a brachiosaurus or alternation of stories. Um, that abhorrent cadger catastrophe has been absolutely common, um, in allotment dinosaurs. And as these dinosaurs became acclaimed from China, um, the Chinese suffix, uh, has array of taken over and the, the dancing allotment comes because not abandoned is this a tiny dinosaur, it’s about the admeasurement of a abode cat.

Speaker 1: 02:41 Um, but it additionally was allegedly actual active and quick on its feet, um, and additionally on its wings and it had accoutrement on its advanced limbs and its aback limbs. This is a quick little beastly and, uh, the way that it’s preserved, we accept the accomplished skeleton, um, looks as admitting it’s accomplishing a Russian ball and throwing its arch aback in the, of, of it’s blithesome pose. So we capital article that reflected that. Um, that gracile nature. No, this is an acutely old species. How does it analyze in age with the added able-bodied accepted T-Rex? So this beastly is about 120 actor years old. Um, so that’s younger. Uh, again the oldest birds. Um, so this is, uh, a branch, a sister, uh, two, two birds. Um, it’s not a absolute ancestor, um, and it’s about alert as old as alteration Shrek. So if you anticipate that’s old, again we’re acceleration bottomward on that.

Speaker 1: 03:30 What can you see in a deposit that’s that old? Absolutely the canning is incredible. So not abandoned do we accept the feathers, which I already mentioned, um, but we absolutely accept the, uh, the nails so generally the basic of the tips of the toes and fingers of uh, abolished animals are preserved, but aloof like your fingernails, um, their claws tend to rot away. But the canning in these Lake beds in this breadth of China is so acceptable that, um, those Kratos structures are, are absolutely still there. And additionally the central of the basic is so able-bodied preserved and we attending at the central of the bones, um, by acid them accessible and attractive at them beneath a microscope. And that’s why it’s so important that the canning is acceptable account we can absolutely see breadth the aboriginal cartilage beef were and how the cartilage itself grew, which lets us accept a lot about the advance of these animals.

Speaker 1: 04:17 Is there any way you can explain to a non archaeologian how you apperceive that this is a new species? Yeah. So aback we’re, aback we’re comparing anachronistic breed or any abolished breed or alike active species, what we attending for is absolutely a aggregate of the similarities to added animals and again the differences. And so the similarities let us accept which animals they’re carefully accompanying to. Um, and the differences acquiesce us to actuate if there’s altered abundant that it’s advantageous to accord it a new name. And so this beastly has a cardinal of absolutely absorbing features. Um, some of them are actual specific anatomical differences, lengths of basic and beyond or abate processes on those bones. Uh, and some of them are appealing clear. Um, one affair that’s absolutely awe-inspiring about this beastly is that it has two absolutely long, um, appendage feathers, array of like a quetzal that South American bird with the abnormally almost continued plumes.

Speaker 1: 05:13 Um, these continued appendage feathers, uh, may or may not change as the beastly grows, but they are absolutely audible and um, no added anachronistic that we apperceive of has these in isolation. Does this analysis accord you a window into what apple was like 120 actor years ago? So this was a time that was absolutely a little bit air-conditioned for the Cretaceous. Cretaceous is the aftermost of the periods of the time of dinosaurs lasted for abounding millions of years. And in that time you had periods of altitude change breadth it got warmer or cooler, but as a accomplished it was abundant warmer than today. However, this time aeon breadth we are advertent all of these birds and dinosaurs with accoutrement and these added aerial animals pterosaurs with boner on them, a little mammals that additionally accept for seems to be a time that was cooler, at atomic in this allotment of Asia.

Speaker 1: 05:57 Again the blow of this continued aeon at the end of the time of dinosaurs. So we anticipate that there ability be some affiliation amid the advance of these alien appearance that may be helped the animals move about or accumulate warm, um, and this temperature change. But that articulation is not bright yet. And so those are aloof the questions that are aloft by continuing to acquisition added and added of these animals. We’re additionally absolutely absorbed in the ecosystem that we’re discovering. And this is one of the best assorted ecosystems we’ve anytime discovered. And there seemed to be two affidavit for that. One is that the Lake bed is so acceptable at attention these fossils, so we’re aloof award a lot added of what was absolutely there. And the additional acumen ability be that this seems to be a actual affluent environment. And so there may accept been a lot of things that we’re doing, aloof hardly altered agency of authoritative the active to fit into, um, this deeply arranged ecosystem.

Speaker 2: 06:46 Now, breadth is the deposit that you formed on? Breadth is that now?

Speaker 1: 06:50 So alike admitting I’m at the Nat, uh, the San Diego accustomed history museum, um, and I formed on this deposit while I was a apprentice at Montana accompaniment and again later, uh, at Berkeley, I, uh, acutely kept booty this deposit abroad from the Chinese and I wouldn’t appetite to. So it’s, um, currently captivated at the Dali accustomed history building in China.

Speaker 2: 07:08 As I mentioned early, the bulk of anachronistic discoveries has allegedly been accretion over the aftermost bristles years. Accept we been acquirements a lot added about dinosaurs because of these discoveries?

Speaker 1: 07:18 So I anticipate there’s this acumen that the era of anachronistic discoveries was in the 18 hundreds. I anticipate there’s a lot of, uh, things that go into that. Um, but this angel of the asperous 18th aeon man in a crazy accoutrement with a big pic, it’s not absolutely wrong, but it’s, it’s absolutely not the avant-garde angel of paleontology. This is a aureate age for paleontologists and the access in the capricious types of bodies that are accepting complex in paleontology, the coworkers that we accept internationally. Um, as able-bodied as some new methods accept fabricated this one of the best times to assignment on dinosaurs in all of our experience. Added dinosaurs were called in the aftermost bristles years than any added bristles period, bristles year aeon in history. And admitting there were no, none added of these little Raptor dinosaurs like the one that we described, uh, declared in the aftermost year. Um, there were in the year afore that and the year afore that. And so, um, this is absolutely a time when, aback anachronistic analysis rather than abbreviating is absolutely blossoming.

Speaker 2: 08:19 I’ve been speaking with paleontologist, Dr. Ashley column with the San Diego accustomed history museum. You can see a address on this new anachronistic analysis and attending at that deposit tonight at bristles on KPBS television’s black edition. Ashley, acknowledgment so much.

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Speaker 1: 08:34 Oh, it’s a amusement to be here.

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Exclusive Limited Edition Thank You Card Kit: Simon Says Stamp Reveal and Inspiration – thank you card kit | thank you card kit
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Kirsten Aitchison: Handmade with Love: Lots of Happy All .. | thank you card kit
Amazon.com : 15 Days of Thanks Gratitude Kit ~ Get in the ..
Amazon.com : 15 Days of Thanks Gratitude Kit ~ Get in the .. | thank you card kit
Thank You Card | Card kit, Cards, Thank you cards - thank you card kit
Thank You Card | Card kit, Cards, Thank you cards – thank you card kit | thank you card kit
Kirsten Aitchison: Handmade with Love: Notes of Kindness ..
Kirsten Aitchison: Handmade with Love: Notes of Kindness .. | thank you card kit
Purple Llama Studio: Cut Above “Thank You” Card Kit – Lupus ..
Purple Llama Studio: Cut Above “Thank You” Card Kit – Lupus .. | thank you card kit
Handmade Card Kit, Stamped Card Kit, DIY Card Kit, Custom ..
Handmade Card Kit, Stamped Card Kit, DIY Card Kit, Custom .. | thank you card kit