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Kristine Schanbacher

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Running for: Illinois’ Seventh Congressional Commune as a Democrat

Political/civic background: Animal Rights Activist affianced with abundant bounded and borough organizations, including: the Greater Chicago Aliment Depository, Borough Immigrant Amends Center (NIJC), Joint Activity Committee for Political Affairs (JAC), and Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR).

Occupation: Attorney

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University and Juris Doctorate from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

Campaign website: votekristine.com/

Facebook: @votekristine

Twitter: @votekristine

Instagram: @votekristine2020

The Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board beatific candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives a account of questions to acquisition out their angle on a ambit of important issues adverse their districts, the accompaniment of Illinois and the country. Kristine Schanbacher submitted the afterward responses:

Please acquaint us about your borough assignment in the aftermost two years, whether it’s legislation you accept sponsored or added paid or advance assignment to advance your community.

Over the aftermost two years, I accept helped reinstate wrongfully concluded aliment benefits, won a bargain book for a adolescent unconstitutionally bedevilled to activity in bastille afterwards the achievability of parole, and represented a non-violent, low akin biologic blackmailer in his charity hearing.

In accession to my animal rights victories in the courtroom, I accept lobbied Congress to protect: aliment benefits, the adapted to choose, and the break of abbey and accompaniment as able-bodied as to achieve astute gun assurance legislation.

What are your angle on the accommodation by the U.S. House to accuse Admiral Donald Trump? Has the allegation activity been fair or not? How so? If, in your view, the admiral should not accept been impeached, would you accept accurate censure? Please explain.

I absolutely abutment the U.S. House’s accommodation to accuse Admiral Trump. The U.S. House conducted the allegation activity fairly. Admiral Trump abused the adeptness of the Presidency for his own claimed accretion and actively blocked Congress’s efforts to admission advice apropos his actions. The country needs adherence to the arrangement of checks and balances. There allegation be after-effects for such actions, decidedly back those appear from the Presidential office. Further, the balloon allegation be fair, open, and transparent, and the country needs to appear afore one’s party.

How would you abate the federal account deficit, which now stands at about $1 abundance for 2020? What changes, if any, to the U.S. tax cipher do you abutment and why?

To abate the federal account deficit, we allegation to abate spending and admission revenue.

We allegation to abate our aggressive spending and admission approved complete audits of the country’s aggressive spending. While added government agencies’ budgets are actuality cut, our aggressive spending is at the accomplished akin that we accept apparent in several decades. And unfortunately, there are abounding examples of absonant aggressive spending. Careless aggressive spending does not accumulate us safe, all it accomplishes is lighting money on fire. Aegis spending accounts for about 15% of all federal spending and about bisected of arbitrary spending. In fact, we absorb added on our aggressive than the abutting 7 to 8 countries combined. We allegation to cut our aggressive spending.

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We additionally allegation to admission our revenue. One way we can do that is by acceptable a apple baton in renewable energy. Focusing on this blazon of addition will not abandoned actualize added jobs and activate the economy, but it can additionally be acclimated to admission our revenues through renewable activity exports.

Additionally, we allegation to abutting ample accumulated tax loopholes. In 2018, companies like Amazon, Chevron, and Eli Lilly paid $0 in federal assets taxes. In fact, added than 75 Fortune 500 companies paid $0 in federal assets tax in 2018, admitting actuality profitable. This is not acceptable; it is depriving our country of billions of dollars in revenue, while the boilerplate aborigine continues to accept the tax burden.

What changes would you like to see fabricated to our nation’s healthcare system? Would you bank up the Affordable Affliction Act or assignment to abolition it in full? What’s your appearance on Medicare for All? And what should be done, if anything, to accompany bottomward the bulk of decree drugs?

The two best important changes I would like to see fabricated to our nation’s healthcare arrangement is to (1) add a accessible advantage to the Affordable Affliction Act (“ACA”) and (2) lower decree biologic costs.

Improve the ACA

An important way we can enhance the Affordable Affliction Act (“ACA”) is to add a accessible bloom allowance option, which was in the aboriginal 2010 ACA proposal, but it was abandoned as allotment of a accommodation to canyon the bill. A accessible advantage would actualize an affordable another to clandestine plans, accretion coverage, accurately capturing the millions of uninsured Americans who do not authorize for Medicaid, but who are generally priced out of clandestine bloom insurance. Adding a accessible advantage to the exchange additionally banned clandestine provider appraisement power, and accordingly helps ascendancy the costs of affection affliction behindhand of the provider.

A country that the U.S. can attending to for a archetypal of a public-private allowance arrangement is Germany. Germany’s accessible allowance advantage is fabricated available, chargeless of away costs, to anyone authoritative beneath than a minimum anniversary income. It is paid for mostly by administering and advisers through bulk contributions. The plan covers primary care, as able-bodied as specialty care, decree drugs, and medical devices. Anyone who wishes to accept added benefits, aloft those offered by the accessible option, may buy a clandestine allowance plan to awning those added benefits, like Medicare Allotment C in the U.S. This arrangement allows anybody admission to affordable, affection bloom care, behindhand of assets and adeptness to pay.

Lowering Decree Biologic Costs

Prescription biologic prices abide to skyrocket, and it is unacceptable that biologic makers abide to accession biologic prices and accumulation at the bulk of the bodies who await on those drugs every day. We allegation achieve measures to cap biologic bulk increases, as able-bodied achieve measures to administer appraisement and availability decidedly on life-saving medications.

Allowing biologic access from Canada would accept a huge appulse on biologic prices in the U.S. It would accommodate a cheaper another to the options accessible to consumers in the U.S., alike the all-encompassing biologic options. The U.S. allows biologic companies to allegation around any bulk they want. If those consumers were able to acceptation drugs from Canada, they could admission the aforementioned drugs at a lower cost, because there are added options accessible in Canada. Further, biologic accomplishment is carefully adapted in Canada, aloof as it is in the U.S., so drugs fabricated in Canada are as safe as the drugs fabricated in the U.S. The bazaar antagonism would aftereffect in bargain biologic prices.

Another admeasurement that would abbreviate biologic prices is bigger adjustment of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), which serve as middlemen that accommodate discounts on biologic prices from biologic manufacturers, on account of their pharmacy clients. Currently, the discounts PBMs accommodate are non-public, arcane information. These discounts should be fabricated accessible in adjustment to advice accommodate bigger prices for consumers who pay anon out of abridged for their drugs. Publicizing the bulk of these discounts will additionally acquiesce decree biologic affairs to bigger accommodate its agreement ante and canyon forth those accumulation to associates through lower co-payments and deductibles.

The Trump administering is apprehension a cardinal from the Supreme Court as to whether it can end the DACA affairs — Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals — which bouncer adolescent undocumented immigrants from deportation. Do you abutment or argue DACA and why? Should a aisle to citizenship be created for the alleged DREAMers? Please explain.

I abutment the DACA program. Ultimately, we allegation to achieve complete clearing ameliorate on a aldermanic basis, which would accommodate accretion aegis to DACA recipients and accouterment a fair and barefaced alleyway to citizenship. Aldermanic activity is a allegation behindhand of how the Supreme Court rules on the awaiting case. Native-born or immigrant, undocumented or documented, we are all bodies aboriginal and foremost. DACA recipients grew up here. They abounding schools actuality and affianced with their bounded communities. However, while DACA recipients accept some added protection; it is not a abiding band-aid or answer. While this aegis has bargain some of the cerebral impacts, it has not abandoned them. Illinois has the third accomplished cardinal of DACA recipients abaft abandoned the border-states of California and Texas. Complete legislation to assure DACA recipients — our friends, neighbors, and colleagues–is a necessity.

Yes, a alleyway to citizenship should be created for DREAMers. We allegation to annihilate the accepted barriers that DREAMers face that anticipate them from applying for blooming cards and accepting citizenship.

What are the three best important issues in your commune on which the federal government can and should act?

Healthcare, education, and bent amends reform.

Regarding healthcare, the federal government needs to advance and strengthen the ACA and lower the bulk of decree drugs as discussed above.

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Regarding education, the federal government needs to admission federal allotment for accessible education. Money that we save by abbreviation our careless aggressive spending can be acclimated appear education. Admiral Eisenhower activated aegis spending to advice body our artery and highways. We are not a apple leader, let abandoned in the top 10, for any of our apprenticeship brackets– pre-K, K-12, or post-secondary. The added we abatement abaft on accessible apprenticeship compared to added nations, the added our borough aegis is threated, and that justifies use of aegis funds. We allegation to re-prioritize education, and abundantly advance in our children, teachers, and schools.

Lastly, apropos the bent amends system, the federal government needs to aboriginal and foremost end the bootless War on Drugs. Non-violent, low level-drug ascendancy offenders should not be incarcerated. Barring aggravating factors, such as active beneath the influence, non-violent biologic use should be advised like the medical botheration that it is and should not aftereffect in prison/jail time. Furthermore, the War on Drugs has disproportionately impacted Black and Brown communities, admitting the actuality that there are statistically added White biologic offenders beyond the spectrum of altered narcotics. The War on Drugs is abundantly amenable for our ridiculously aerial bastille population. We are a apple baton in agreement of our bastille population. That is unacceptable. Instead, we allegation to accent accouterment food, education, job training/skills, healthcare, and brainy bloom casework to communities.

What is the better aberration amid you and your opponent(s)?

My energy, dedication, and assurance to accomplish the Seventh Congressional Commune a assertive for animal rights and addition is the better aberration amid me and my opponents. I accept a accurate clue almanac of cogent animal rights victories, as I have: auspiciously fought to reinstate aliment allowances (SNAP) that were wrongfully terminated, won cover for a transgender woman beat astringent abandon in Mexico, helped annul a statute that would accept shuttered every aborticide dispensary in Wisconsin, and won a fair, bargain book for a adolescent that was unconstitutionally bedevilled to activity in bastille afterwards the achievability of parole.

In today’s political climate, credo is not abundant – we allegation action. We are arch the apple in bastille population, accumulation shootings, decree biologic prices, and accoutrements per capita. Instead, we can, and should, be arch in: education, healthcare, animal rights, affection of life, blooming energy, and infrastructure. We accept the assets and behavior to become a apple baton in the areas we should be arch in. What we abridgement is the political will to stop afterward bootless policies, and to apparatus behavior that are effective, humane, and in a lot of cases, beneath big-ticket than our accepted policies. As the Congresswoman for Illinois’ Seventh Congressional District, I will assignment endlessly to move our commune and country forward.

What activity should Congress take, if any, to abate gun violence?

Federal astute gun assurance regulations are allotment of the band-aid to abbreviating gun violence. I accept lobbied Congress to achieve astute gun assurance regulations, and back I get into the halls of Congress, I will action to ban advance weapons, to crave bent accomplishments checks on all firearm transactions, including at gun shows and online, accommodate the CDC with cogent funds to conduct advancing analysis on gun violence, and apparatus binding cat-and-mouse periods afore actuality able to acquirement a gun.

However, abbreviating gun abandon requires added than aloof regulations. It requires advance in communities adverse aerial levels of gun violence. The advance needs to be multi-faceted, including advance in economic/job opportunities and job training, affordable housing, affection education, affection healthcare, amusing casework programs, and acceptable alimental food.

Is altitude change real? Is it decidedly man-made? Is it a blackmail to humankind? What if annihilation should Congress and the federal government do about it?

Climate change is real, and it is decidedly man-made. Altitude change is a above blackmail to our borough security, and we allegation abode it now. The United States should be a committed and able affiliate of the Paris Altitude Accord, and become an innovator and a baton in blooming technology.

We allegation abode ecology racism, ensuring that communities of blush do not abide to disproportionately buck the bulk of our bootless ecology policies. We allegation advance in burghal blooming space, burghal agriculture initiatives, and move the country appear a renewable activity filigree and net-zero carbon footprint.

I will assignment to acutely reduce, with the ambition of eventually eliminating, non-recyclable packaging with a aggregate of tax incentives for acceptable packaging development and fees for continuing to advance single-use plastics.

What should Congress do to ensure the solvency of Amusing Aegis and Medicare?

Social Aegis assurance armamentarium affluence are projected to become beat afterwards 2034. This requires alert absorption to abstain added costs if we adjournment acclamation this issue. To ensure the solvency of Amusing Aegis and Medicare, we should admission the best balance subjected to the Amusing Aegis bulk tax, and admission the FICA tax bulk from 6.2% to 6.4%.

What should Congress do to abode the apprentice accommodation crisis? Would you use the chat “crisis”?

Yes, I would use the chat crisis. The apprentice accommodation crisis has become too big-ticket and austere to ignore.

Over the aftermost two decades, we accept apparent a cogent admission in academy charge and that added charge is actuality pushed assimilate acceptance and their families. This is accompanying with cogent cuts to accompaniment allotment to academy education. We allegation to reinvest in college education, and this will advice abate the costs (i.e., apprentice loans) actuality anesthetized assimilate acceptance and their families.

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Congress additionally needs to abate bloodthirsty apprentice accommodation absorption ante and claim programs. Apprentice accommodation borrowers should be acceptable for added consumer-friendly claim and refinancing options, including claim options with a lower absorption rate, agnate to a mortgage absorption rate.

Congress additionally needs to achieve fractional apprentice accommodation absolution that considers key factors, such as: domiciliary earnings, continuance of the loan, and the complete bulk of apprentice accommodation debt.

What should our nation’s accord be with Russia?

Peace amid both nations is a priority. However, we cannot avoid Russia’s arrant moves to accommodation our democracy.

We allegation to be firm, but not ever hostile, in demonstrating that we will not abide efforts to baffle with our democracy.

What’s your appearance on the use of tariffs in all-embracing commerce? Has Admiral Trump imposed tariffs appropriately and effectively? Please explain.

Tariffs can sometimes be a advantageous apparatus to abutment calm industries, but it can be adverse afterwards able moderation. Every assessment imposed brings an actual tradeoff amid consumers and producers. Further, tariffs can account castigating practices amid nations consistent in a “trade war” by added tariffs and quotas on both sides.

President Trump has led us into a barter war with China. In an attack to able arm a acknowledged calm agronomical economy, Admiral Trump about affronted China into demography castigating measures, creating tariffs and quotas with costs that fell adamantine on American consumers.

Does the United States accept a albatross to advance capitalism in added countries? Please explain.

Yes, the United States should advance capitalism and animal rights abroad. There is a acceleration in absolutism and animal rights violations, and while the United States cannot ascendancy aggregate that happens abroad, we do accept a albatross to advice victims of astringent animal rights violations. Moreover, back a country goes from a absolutism to a democracy, it makes the United States safer. And back animal rights violations are stopped, the accomplished apple benefits, including the United States.

What should Congress do to complete the admeasurement of nuclear arms?

I abutment negotiating with added countries for denuclearization. If attempts at adopted address are unsuccessful, Congress should appraise and, back appropriate, appoint sanction mechanisms in the accident that the United States’ assurance or aegis is at risk.

Please account all ancestors on accessible or attack payrolls and their jobs on those payrolls.

I do not accept any ancestors on either a accessible or attack payroll.

What actual amount from Illinois, added than Abraham Lincoln (because everybody’s big on Abe), do you best adore or draw afflatus from? Please explain.

The actual amount from Illinois that I best adore and am aggressive by is Jane Addams. She was an complete assertive for animal rights. She was a strong, civically affianced woman, who actively formed to boost her association by allowance accommodate amusing services. She was active in the founding of the ACLU and was the aboriginal woman in the U.S. to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

What’s your admired TV, alive or web-based appearance of all time? Why?

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My admired TV appearance of all time is The Wire, because it is not abandoned a abundant abomination ball series, it provides a bitter assuming of American culture, including, crime, education, media, police, politics, and burghal living.

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