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1-800-Flowers.com is advance its e-Commerce attendance with added affiliation of AI capabilities, new AR functions, added acquittal options, and adaptable app and web armpit upgrades. The banker is rolling out the new appearance in time for Valentine’s Day to adapt for the advancing fasten in demand.The Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) will advance chump account for shoppers beyond their jour...

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By Kevin PangPublished Sept. 9, 2019What I was attractive at was impossible. It fabricated no sense. Yet it existed.In advanced of me was a canteen bottle, about bristles inches tall. Central it was a bunched mirror, the blazon you get at Walgreens for a few dollars. The mirror was about alert as advanced as the aperture of the bottle. The canteen had not been altered. The mirror had not been cut....

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Finding the absolute Valentine's Day allowance can be a challenge. And while flowers are a acceptable go-to, they're big-ticket and alone aftermost a few days. If you're attractive for a fun way to bless Valentine's Day after flowers, ability we advance a craven asset boutonniere instead?In 2019, one helpmate absolutely sported a boutonniere fabricated with chicken nuggets. Sadly, the craven nugg...